Leisure & Culture #79

Seasonal Aroma: Acacia with honey-like aroma

Written & Photos by PMQ Life
Translated by Wendy Yiu

Planting seeds such as "Home Planting Teaching", "Nature Art", "Nature Observation Notes", etc., while keeping social distance, we also keep close to nature.

Acacia brings the fragrance of spring. The sweet smell of golden yellow silk trees, even giraffes are fascinated.

Aside from golden yellow, silk tree is also in red and white color called Mimosa or Cassic but in general we call it mimosa. They are classified as Fabaceae Mimosoideae. They have pinnate leaves easily stimulated by the environment and fold themselves like mimosa but it is not when touched, it folds itself in night time as if it had fallen asleep.

Mimosa or Cassic is a yellow flower, which can be used in traditional Chinese medicine and can also be used to extract essential oils. The fluffy little floral balls are often used to make garlands that can be kept for several months.

Homemade Dried Acacia Flowers

Materials: 1 bunch of Cassic


1. Choose fresh Cassic which is soft for trimming into shape and looping by hand,

2. Or bundle up with rope and seal dry in a cool place. Avoid sun exposure from oxidative discoloration.

3. It will slowly dry in a few days. If it is oxidized to brown, it is recommended to discard it because it is easy to break.

Stitch diary of four seasons

Author:Kazuko Aoki

Publisher: NIHON VOGUE

Summary: Understand fauna species by seasons, even if you don't know embroidery, you will enjoy the floral scenery from the works displayed in the book

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