Leisure & Culture #78

Nature Observation Notes: Cherry Blossoms in Early Spring

Written & Photos by PMQ Life
Translated by Wendy Yiu

Planting seeds such as "Home Planting Teaching", "Nature Art", "Nature Observation Notes", etc., while keeping social distance, we also keep close to nature.

Lichun (start of spring) has just passed, but the weather is still wet and cold. Cherry trees bloom earlier than usual which normally in March, not in Tokyo, but in various parks here in Hong Kong.

The cherry blossoms in Lai Chi Kok Park are located next to the pavilion in the third phase of the park. The pink Prunus × yedoensis (Yoshino Cherry) and Prunus incisa have fallen leaves last month and buds have grown. Yoshino cherry trees have already bloomed at the beginning of the month, and a row of pink cherry blossoms has attracted many people to visit and take pictures of this beautiful scenery.

Yoshino Sakura (Prunus × yedoensis in full), is said to have been artificially cultivated in Somei Village (now Toshima ward, Tokyo) in the Edo period. Also known as Tokyo Cherry Blossoms, it is a common local variety. It is suitable for planting in temperate regions, it can also be seen around the world, such as in Washington, USA. At National Cherry Blossom Festival, everyone gathers to celebrate the floral bloom.

It is so popular because it is easy to grow and the speed of sprouting is quick. This floral variety comes a more distinctive color. From pink at first, it turns white when in full bloom. Although there are not as many cherry trees in the park as seen in other parts of the world, the blossom scenery is still picture-perfect. You cannot miss this chance to visit!

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