deTour 2023 – design festival
deTour 2023 – design festival

New Know How – Crafting Design Future We come across different kinds of craft since childhood. Some of us have learnt to make handcrafts and developed that into a pastime hobby or even an occupation. However, not many people realise the social and cultural significance behind this age-old industry. To rethink craft, from its origin to skills and techniques, use of resources, human touch, as well as how these inherent values can help carve out the future of design constitute the focal point of our discussion in deTour 2023. 

In this complex world, designers face a host of challenges every day. They take heed of global development, conduct research and analysis, and engage in uninhibited creative processes to come up with key answers for problems that concern people across the globe. In this fast-moving world with unforeseen circumstances, the design profession needs to be uplifted so that it can better respond to a wide variety of increasingly complicated issues. 

Design thinking and methodologies, when fused with the spirit of craftsmanship can generate a powerful synergy and impact. This will lead to the emergence of “New Craft”, a fresh stream characterised by small-scale production, use of indigenous resources, co-creation with clients, application of technology, products with a sense of human affection, and equally important, growth of regional economies. In this edition, we attempt to examine the interplay of design, craft, and technology, and “New Craft” as invigorated by new perspectives in terms of knowledge, skill-set, mindset, use of materials, production models and alike – as we term it, “New Know How”. Together, they play a crucial role in shaping the future path of design. 

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