Taste Library
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 5F / H501-H504
Tuesday - Sunday/ 11:00am - 6:00pm
+852 3481 3998 call

Besides online programmes, there will be also various food-culture events, such as cooking workshops, new book launch and discussions in the library. Stay tuned on the latest events on Taste Library page for more details.

Presented by PMQ and Hong Kong’s well-respected artist Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai as part of the resource centre, Taste Library is the only one library that provides a wide-ranging collection of culinary-related books and recipes in Hong Kong. The library holds a collection of over five thousand books covering different food cultures from around the globe: from classic recipes to food and travel literature; from food history to cities’ food guides; and family recipes that bring  personal stories and  traditions to life. Taste Library is open to the public, utilising the clearest and most user-friendly catalog on its collections. 

The two thousand square-foot library is divided into three sections. The magazine reading area is open to the public to discover more about Taste Library and its food philosophy, with the impressive magazine collections and the helpful introduction of our staff; The three reading rooms are set to be a homey environment, where members can consume these well-rounded  collections of international culinary-related books and recipes; The open kitchen area is the exciting and vibrant area that adjoins the reading rooms. Along with these, cross-disciplinary educational and creative food events in the Taste Library allow you to dive into different exclusive experiences in reading and cooking, and discover the endless possibilities of food!

Curators’ welcoming notes:
If people ask me why we still need a real library and paper books in this digital age, my reply is simple – one needs time, mood and environment to read, in the same way that one needs time and equipment to cook. Through reading about food at PMQ Taste Library, we can find a refuge from our hectic day-to-day lives, while learning to treasure the culture of food that surrounds us. 
- Craig Au Yeung

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Featured Highlights
Video for more information about PMQ Taste Library
Reading Rooms

There are magazine reading area which is open to public and three reading rooms which are set to be a homey environment with 3,000 all-rounded collections of international food literature

The open kitchen area is the most exciting and sparkling area that adjoins the reading rooms.

Cross-platform educational and creative food events will also find a home in the library too – this is a library with unlimited flavour and possibility!

Monthly food-culture events and sharing

There will be various food demonstrations, book launches, discussions and tasting sessions, etc


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