PMQ Corner #47

Tattoos and Accessories – The Body as the Artists’ Canvas


Written by TattooSays
Translated by Joel Wong
Photos by PMQ & Online image

The internet community has evolved to be led by opinion leaders encouraging everyone to express themselves. In such an era of personalization, tattoos and accessories have become integral forms of showing personal style, setting off a lifelong quest to pursue a sense of uniqueness.

Tattoos - The Story of You

There are three common steps in tattoo design: layout and confirming the design, inking, and finally, it becomes a totem on your skin. Such a process is no different than any traditional artwork.

Like totems on clansman’s bodies represent the honor, naked women and eagles on sailors express love for their distant lovers during World War II, many regard tattoos as "walking artwork using the body as a canvas." Poetry was a way to express aspirations in ancient times, while modern people commemorate and interpret themselves through tattoos. There are particular meanings, memories, and emotions behind each tattoo.

Painters express their emotions or feelings through their brushstrokes, but in comparison, tattoos are more dynamic in the design process. Tattoo artists transform their customer's unique stories into a totem through every puncture of the needle, then display parts of their skin as the canvas and leave a permanent mark.

For instance, a ring is an accessory but also a symbol of promise. Likewise, some tattoos are purely decorative, while others have profound meanings behind them. When asked, “What's the meaning of your tattoo?" There are countless interpretations for questions as such. We often pursue symbols to represent our journey or some specific meanings. Tattoos, like accessories, have become carriers for displaying uniqueness.

Source: Ryan Ashley's Instagram

Ryan Ashley, a tattoo artist from the United States, is known for utilizing Gothic-Style accessories design to provide customers with 3D and realistic tattoos. Ryan also participates in several tattoo reality shows, sharing stories about using tattoos as physical and psychological therapy and how much "body accessories" help to heal wounds and even become a motivation in life.

Not all tattoos convey specific meanings; a pure pursuit of beauty is also a reason to get inked. Take the "Ornamental" tattoo style as an example. It utilizes the landscape of the human body with various gauges of lines and geometric shapes, puncturing the graphic needle by needle that stays permanently on the body.

Source: (Left) Aries Rhysing's / (Right) KODIAK TATTOO

(Re)presenting your body

In addition to tattoos on your body, wearing accessories is another way to decorate ourselves. Whether you put on rings, earrings, or necklaces, they become an extension of your senses and the medium of expressing your emotions. The shape, materials, and craftsmanship will directly influence the temperament exuded by design.

When purchasing accessories, you can adjust your selection according to the number of tattoos on your body: if you have bright and colorful tattoos, you can go for simple designs; if you have more dark-colored tattoos, you can set off with eye-catching gold and silver accessories.

Ryan Ashley allows us to witness the possibilities between tattoos and accessories, regardless of treating them as temporary and permanent art. Using the body as a canvas, tattoos and accessories can coexist and harmonize the body and willpower oneself, revealing a more vibrant and unique personality to the world.

From 2D to 3D

PMQ and prolific creator Cheuk Wan Chi, tattoo artist Jeff Li and eight jewellery brands at PMQ joined forces to create and design tattoo stickers with the idea of “Style Tattoo Art with Quotes and Jewellery.” When the dark lines of the tattoo pattern contrast with the accessories made with different metals, the visual effect is just like an art piece that coexists in both the 2D and 3D formats.

Cheuk Wan Chi and Jeff Li, two creative minds from different disciplines, gathered together for the "#PMQGiftYourStyle" campaign this time. They were using their own experiences and perspectives as a springboard which contributed to the birth of this collaboration and works.

"#PMQGiftYourStyle" focuses on different levels of feminity and beauty and incorporates two connotations in tattoos—words and floral patterns, paving the way to Cheuk Wan Chi and Jeff Li's conception of this theme endows the work on a deeper level.

#PMQGiftYourStyle Gift Set

Upon meeting the specified consumption requirements at the participating stores, you can enjoy a special discount and receive the #PMQGiftYourStyle Christmas gift which includes: a flower pattern tattoo sticker by Jeff Li, and 3 quotes tattoo stickers by Cheuk Wan Chi X Jeff Li.

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