Miss Something Knit
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Hollywood / 4F / H406
Kimi Leung
1:00pm – 8:00pm
+852 6936 2686 call

MissSomethingKnit means Knitting is needed for a “MISS” which is an essential and elegant for all girls and women. We established our brand since 2016 starting in TST.
We aim to promote knitting & crochet, not only for a handicrafts hobby but to inspire people to make beauty in their daily life, create their own handicrafts style and simply to say to embrace the love of handicrafts.

Founder’s Background

Our founder / tutor has over 30 years of knitting & crochet experience and over 10 years of teaching experience. Apart from individual & group class workshop, our tutor conducts workshops to secondary schools, other community centers & corporates.

Featured Highlights
Yarn-a Velvet Giant Yarn Hand Knitting Bag
Yarn-a Mini Milli Weave Bag with Golden Deer Pin & Chain
Yarn-a Jemilli Mellow Cell Phone Bag
DMC Nova Vita Coco Bamboo Bag
MSK itomo Cloudy Bag
Hamanaka Piccolo Daruma & Fuji Mountain


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