Chailie Ho
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 4F / S409
Chailie Ho
1:00pm - 8:00pm Daily
+852 2319 2082 call
$15 - $20,000 Up

Title: Create your own dream dress
Schedule: First Sunday of every month, 2:30pm -6pm
Course fee: $680 for a team of one kid and one parent
Material fee: $150
Application by email: or call +852 2319 2082
It is a 3 hours class for kids and parents that one kid and one adult to form a group to create their own dream gown.

In the beginning of the class, they will be given a 40cm tall little doll. Then I will introduce the history of gowns and start to tell them about how paper pattern can transform to a dress. Then they will able to select the fabrics and trimming they like and the parents and kids will work together to start making their own.

It helps the kids to understand dress making concept and handle with real evening gown fabrics such as silk and lace. In the end of the lesson, the kids can take the doll home for their good memory in creating their own design.

Embracing feminine independence and inner strength, Chailie Ho is an eponymous contemporary womenswear label designed to accentuate the delicate elegance of modern women.

Inspired by love, Chailie conveys her belief in the beauty of feminine grace with the romantic sartorial details and soft hand-drawn watercolour prints in her own designs. Together with a strong emphasis on fluidity, her refined, sleek and unconventional collection glows with a gentle timeless elegance.

Having graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in womenswear, Chailie further sharpened her potential by obtaining a postgraduate certificate in innovative pattern cutting in 2007. Followed by working with Hussein Chalayan, Clements Ribeiro, and a number of acclaimed designers, she debuted her first collection with the belief that clothing can accentuate a woman’s delicate beauty.

Chailie’s career in fashion is well-recognized. Apart from showcasing her work at various fashion events, the designer is honored with a list of international awards, including 100 Best 80s Chinese Designers by Shanghai Designer Club (China), 40 Under 40: The Next Generation of Design Talent Award 2012-°©‐ Fashion Category (Hong Kong) by Perspective Magazine, Fashion World Talent Award 2010 – Finalist (Hong Kong), and British Fur Trade Association Fashion Design Competition 2006 – 1st runner up (United Kingdom).


Jade in Style

Fashion designer Chailie Ho fell in love with Jadeite at the first sight because of its texture, its rich history in Asian culture, and its significance in religious designs.

She has started to redefine jades of her generation and the respective philosophies to embedding, ensuring that she personally partakes and puts her own stamp on every step of jewelry creation, to modernize and refine the classic art of jadeite for the new generation.

Jade in Style collection uses all-natural Myanmar jadeite to offer customers the highest quality product. The Chinese name of Jade in Style stems from the billion’s colors of jadeite, pairs with 925 Silver simple and bold lines to create modern and elegant jewelry pieces that capture this generation’s characteristics.

Instagram: @thejadeinstyle

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