PMQ Corner #32

We Are PMQ Create-preneurs (VI)

Alchemist Creations, Bathe to Basics, Levain Bakery

At PMQ, many of our create-preneurs share the same philosophy. They advocate natural, healthiness and sustainability in running their business like products design or food preparation. The effort involved not only reflects an element of design responsibility but also a self-disciplined very beginning mind.

To Ling, the founder of Alchemist Creations (S212, Staunton), soda "can" is more than an aluminium container, it is a synonym of "can" do anything. The most typical case of the product she designed is to turn wasted soda can into watches and this bold attempt was rewarded with the trophy of the Red Dot Award in 2013. Her creation has also taken waste upcycling to a whole new level.

Being troubled by skin allergy, Edmund decided the best way to deal with it is to invent his own skin care product. His brand Bathe to Basics (S403, Staunton) uses only natural ingredients as material, is gentle to skin and biodegradable, lessening the burden to the environment.

KC is the owner of Levain Bakery (H105 Hollywood). He abide by one principle : using healthy ingredients without additive are the basic requirements of food making. His technique is to cultivate his own home-grown yeast and to bake with traditional European method. His small shop has a warm human touch. During the busy weekends, KC's father will offer his help, patiently sharing the unique features about their natural yeast bakery culture and their specialty baking skill with the customers.

Locations of the above creative studios :
ALCHEMIST CREATIONS | S212, 2/F, Staunton, PMQ (Moved out)
Bathe To Basics | S403, 4/F, Staunton, PMQ
Levain Bakery | H105, 1/F, Hollywood, PMQ

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