PMQ Corner #31

We Are PMQ Create-preneurs (V)

Waka Artisans, Art House Oriental, Gong Fu Teahouse

Video Footage contributed by Waka Artisans, Art House Oriental & Gong Fu Teahouse

Very often, through causal encounter of minor things in daily life is where one can discover the true beauty of life. Feel the smooth ceramic tableware and savour the simplicity and satisfaction of each meal everyday. Let the scent of tea occupies a tranquil corner in our busy city and reminds you now is the moment to treasure. Or perhaps the source of an adamantly smooth power of yours comes from the daily practice of the vigorous brush and stroke of Chinese Calligraphy. Meet three creative entrepreneurs "Waka Artisans" (S303), "Art House Oriental" (S502) and "Gong Fu Teahouse " (S105) here at PMQ and learn the stories of three youth pioneers. Through the inheritance of tradition and culture while merging creation and style, true beauties of life live on.

Waka Artisans | S303, Staunton

Art House Oriental | S502, Staunton (Moved out)

Gong Fu Teahouse | S105, Staunton

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