PMQ Corner #45

Coffee connects

Black Sugar Coffee & LittleUrbanMountain

The founder William and Diana leaving their job as the Project Manager and Fashion Buyer, they want to start their own business of what they always love, Coffee and Shiba Inu! Finally, they opened their first cafe in Ho Man Tin in 2016, Black Sugar. Few years later, they have opened the fourth store in early 2022 at PMQ. The name Black Sugar comes from a Shiba dog with the same name from the owner William.

The name Black Sugar comes from a Shiba dog with the same name from the owner William.

Origami patterns together the Shiba shop sign. The shiba sign actually depicting two people drinking coffee. The two are connected through coffee.

Designers: Arthur Leung @arthurtkdu / faminik @faminik

William is an active ambassador in coffee industry. He serves as a Certified Sensory Judge for World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup, two of the largest and well known coffee competition in the World as well as Head Judges in most of Hong Kong Coffee Competitions.

The barista is the soul of the coffee shop, brewing coffee for everyone daily and creating a good time for everyone in the coffee shop. Jasper, one of the baristas in the store, was the first runner-up at Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championship 2021. He is always attentive and serious when you meet him in the competitions or in the bar. In fact, he is very friendly. You will find him familiar with when you meet him in the store next time:

Why do you like coffee?

Jasper: Every time I taste coffee, it reminds me of the continuous efforts of many people who make it. Seeking breakthroughs and pursuing the excellency make today's success. I admire this attitude very much, it makes me fall in love with coffee even more.

What's the most impressive coffee?

Jasper: At Friedhats Fuku Café in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I drank the best cup of Cappuccino in my life. This cup of milk coffee is simply pure and gives smooth texture.

What's your goal in the coming year?

Jasper: Cherish every opportunity to communicate with different baristas, continue to add value to yourself, and study hard. Brew better coffee for everyone to enjoy!

When coffee meets design

The fourth store at PMQ combines the styles of the other three stores, and the decoration and furnishings are mainly made of brass and wood. At the front door, the wall is set off with the signature origami pattern. A few steps later, you will arrive at the espresso bar, where guests can interact with the barista. After all, the connection and communication between people is the unique magic in coffee shops.
Design team:LittleUrbanMountain @littleurbanmountain

Design Concept

Presenting “in-ei” aesthetic, that is, the beauty of dim light, which is inspired by Japanese writer Jun’ichirō Tanizaki's famous book “In Praise of Shadows", yet differs from the modern and bold western design to a certain extent.

Spatial Utilization

Located at PMQ, the veranda design can block sunlight from entering the room, at the same time enhancing the ambience of Japanese-style "wabi-sabi". There are only 6 seats in the store with dimmed lightings, it makes the dining table the focal point under the light - in this sense, the barista is like a performer, who share intimate coffee experiences with the guest.

Color and Material

The entire tone is deep and matte – you could see in the wood and Diatomaceous earth (a common interior design material in Japan) for the ceiling and walls, the store's original concrete floor, the coffee machine in black color , ceiling lights and speakers.

Describe the store in one sentence

People can feel the beauty of traditional Japanese style, not just a place for selfies.

Address:Black Sugar Coffee, Unit S106, 1/F, Staunton (Block A), PMQ

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