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mammoth pow-wow music & camp festival 2015

Written by RMM
Photos by ©Knee High Media Japan

What’s large, cute, soft and a little bit scary?

A Mammoth of course!

Your title here...

Pair it together with music and camp festival and you get a children’s event of epic proportions!

Mammoth POW-WOW, which takes place in the lush forests of Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, is a two-day event that embodies the ideal of learning through play. The festival is the perfect weekend getaway for city-dwelling kids to get in touch with nature. The POW-WOW champions five key areas:

GREEN STUDY -- Allowing modern kids to develop a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment.

OUTDOOR SPORTS -- Honing kids natural reflexes for 'surviving' in the real world.

CREATIVE ARTS -- Establishing an equally strong individual and community identity through creativity.

WORLD CULTURE -- Helping children understand why other cultures do the same things in different ways.

NIPPON LEARNING -- Being based in Japan, it’s important that Japanese kids understand their own culture as well.

The festival first started as a bi-annual kids magazine published by Knee High Media, who were tired of magazines for children that were full of content decided by old fuddy-duddies.

Fast forward to 2008 where the sparks of a massive POW-WOW started to fly. The Mammoth team realised that print lacked one critical thing that would delight every child: sound. Children love to sing, shout, whisper and chatter. And so the Mammoth POW-WOW was born.

The annual festival usually takes place in the cooler months of May. Kids of all ages are encouraged to take a leap out of their comfort zone with exciting Orienteering, Rock-Climbing, Hiking, Sailing and even BMX Stunt workshops available. At Mammoth POW-WOW, it’s perfectly fine to get dirty or get into little scrapes so as long as you’re having fun and learning!

For younger kids, there are family-friendly craft classes that allows for bonding between parent and child. Kids can create their very own boutonnieres and learn how to play the ukulele. There are also a plethora of workshops hosted by Mammoth’s long-time partners -- create your own t-shirt with apparel brand SHIPS, construct a cute teepee lantern with XGIRL Stages and design tiny can-badges with STUSSY Kids. Everything is lively and energetic, with musicians striking up impromptu performances anywhere. And these activities don’t stop when the sun sets! Campers can gather around a large cozy campfire for singalong sessions or stargazing.

Wouldn’t it be great if every city had their own Mammoth POW-WOW? A safe place hidden from the hustle and bustle of the city, where families could gather and learn through play! But for those who don’t live in Japan, maybe you could start a POW-WOW in your own home! Set up a tent in your living room and let them learn about different cultures with homemade camp food. Turn their bedroom into a planetarium and teach them about the physics of space travel. Encourage them to be curious, to learn from everything and everyone!

That’s how everyone can start a POW-WOW in their lives.

Official website of Mammoth POW-WOW: www.mammothschool.com

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