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Cultivating Kid’s Creativity Senses in Museums

Mobile Music Musuem & The Children’s Creativity Museum

Written by RMM
Photos © Christina Mackie & Tate Britain, Mobile Music Musuem & The Children’s Creativity Museum

Never underestimate the curiosity and imagination of a child! Unfettered by a world of expectations and rules, children often exercise their creativity just like how a duck takes to water. A box can become a galaxy-touring spaceship; a couple of blankets and pillows are the foundations of a majestic castle; a host of imaginary monster buddies; a bouquet of bottle caps.

But how do you foster their creative sensitivities and encourage them to think bigger, brighter and bolder? Surprisingly enough, you might find the answer in museums around the world!

Around the world, museums have realised the important role they play in getting children (and their parents) to accept creative thinking more widely, and have developed increasingly unique ways of engaging families. You could almost say that promoting creativity is an art form!

The Tate Britain and Tate Modern museums in London have embraced the art of creativity in a refreshing way. They encourage families to take their time and start in any gallery that they want to -- or better yet, let their children take the lead. There are no quiet, whisper-only galleries here. Children can speak up, ask questions and have conversations about the artwork.

Families can also participate in free drop-in events, festivals and activities. A recent Pick-Up Activity lets families explore new artwork with their very own handmade FILTER. Created by Christina Mackie, FILTER is a window into the world of artwork.

For a more visceral experience, children will definitely enjoy the Mobile Music Museum (MMM)! Headquartered in Berlin, MMM has been collecting, preserving and developing sound sculptures, sound-makers, sound-producing objects amongst other sound related exhibits from around the world.

In San Francisco, there is an entire museum dedicated to children’s creativity! The Children’s Creativity Museum is an interactive art and technology museum just for kids, and seeks to nurture Creativity, Collaboration and Communication in youth and families.

The museum has 8 labs, studios and galleries all designed to spark the imagination and build creative confidence. Children (and adults!) can make their own clay figures and learn the basics of stop-motion animation in the Animation Studio, or invent to their hearts content in the Innovation Lab.

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and these museums prove that art is the perfect medium for that. Creativity is about seeing, thinking and feeling, so having multi-sensorial and multi-user exhibits for children to interact with will help build creative environment.

Official Website:

Christina Mackie: the filters Tate Britain Commission - Supported by Sotheby’s www.tate.org.uk/about/press-office/press-releases/christina-mackie-filters-tate-britain-commission-supported

Mobile Music Musuem: www.musikaktionen.de

The Children’s Creativity Museum: creativity.org

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