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May 2019 – November 2019



05/17/2019 09:00 11/30/2019 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach DATE: May 2019 – November 2019
TIME: Daytime
Primary schools in different districts and the neighbourhood, PMQ

Primary schools in different districts and the neighbourhood, PMQ

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About the teaching team

YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach (Senior primary): AaaM Architect, Kay Chan, Kevin Cheung, Dylan Kwok, Moldflip, Weave Artisan Society

YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach (Junior primary): Littleurbanmountain Design


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This summer, let the kids take charge!

Creativity is never an exclusive trait of creative talents. If we allow children to cultivate creativity from a young age it will surely become their life-long asset. In the foreseeable future, our society will not only yearn for tech-savvy professionals, but also those who are creative and human-centric minded. Creativity is therefore crucial to make the world a better place to live in.

We believe that creativity is inborn and children are innately and infinitely creative. In what ways could we help them to boost their confidence and put creativity into action in their daily lives?

PMQ has partnered up with multidisciplinary designers and creative teams from architecture, art and STEM sectors to stimulate kids’ creative instincts, while unleashing their creativity and confidence. By adapting the five-stage practice system of Design Thinking – a methodology of creative problem-solving that includes the steps to ‘Empathize’, ‘Define’, ‘Ideate’, ‘Prototype’, and ‘Test’ – kids will learn to spot problems, generate solutions and finally actualise a design through empathetic and multi-perspective  thinking. The process of trial and error to problem-solving will be enriched through teamwork and interpersonal communication.

Let’s give our children space and trust to see their creativity take flight! YES! KIDS CAN!

Programme Description
YES! KIDS CAN School Outreach will be held in two different times this year—May to July for P5 and P6 students, and September to November for P3 and P4 students. PMQ is partnering with a cross-disciplinary creative team that includes architects, designers, makers and artists. Together we will organize and conduct 20 to 24 hours’ worth of creative activities. Along with the teachers, mentors will lead students to learn creatively, experience the creative process and accomplish a series of community-related ‘creative missions’. The process works and achievements of the School Outreach will be exhibited during the YES! KIDS CAN Creative Festival and at some of the participating schools.

Program duration: 20-24 hours
Target: Primary 3 – 6 students
Class Size: 24 participants per class
Fee: Free
Language: English or Cantonese

【Group A】May 2019 to August 2019 (P5 – P6)

Session 1: Students will participate in community field trips. They will identify problems and grow empathy through discussions and data collection.
Session 2: Through mind-mapping or other multi-perspective thinking methodologies, students will begin to develop human-centric solutions to the problems discovered.
Session 3: Students will learn basic making skills, create designs and put their products to test.
Session 4: Students will adjust their designs based on test results, they will also share their creative process and the final products to the class.

Teachers and students will fine-tune their designs and complete the works with the support of the teaching team. Final products will be exhibited during the YES! KIDS CAN Creative Festival from 17 to 25 August, with sharing sessions led by students.

Teaching Team
A) For P5 to P6 students

The teaching team is headed by AaaM Architects—partnered with sustainable social designer Kay Chan, upcycling-focused product designer Kevin Cheung, urban and social design enthusiast Dylan Kwok, concrete art studio Moldflip and multi-discipline design studio Weave Artisan Society.

  • AaaM Architects - AaaM (Architecture as a Medium), founded by three local young architects, believes that architecture can be a far-reaching medium for cultural and human interaction. The studio is passionate in promoting architectural and design culture, through architectural design, installations, writings, event and workshop curation etc. Apart from design related projects, AaaM also has rich experience in conducting education and public engagement programmes.
  • Kay Chan  – Founder of Good Day Society, specializes in sustainable social design. She gives meticulous attention and consideration to social and environmental factors in her designs. Kay’s scope of work includes product design and development, branding and event organization. Recently, she has actively taken part in multiple community engagement initiatives on public space and environmental issues.
  • Kevin Cheung - Trained as a product designer in the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kevin is devoted in upcycled-product development. He believes that designers have the ability and responsibility to protect the environment while creating new products, striving to achieve a sustainable balance between nature, the economy and our society. Kevin also hosts upcycling workshops where he encourages participants to make more and shop less.
  • Dylan Kwok - Dylan Kwok, brought up and nurtured by both Hong Kong and Japanese culture, is profoundly passionate in design, communication and urban studies research. He is enthusiastic about the transformation of public furniture, trams, sky gardens, community kitchens and back alleys etc. through design. Dylan is a recipient of the Best Thesis Award in Aalto University (Design & Architecture) and DFA Young Design Talent Award in 2009.
  • Moldflip - Mig Lau and Joe Ma, founders of Moldflip, began their endeavor in concrete creations during the start of their academic pursuit in architecture. They founded Moldflip Studio in 2016 with the ambition to experiment with the medium and share the artistry with the public through workshops, product design, spatial and art projects.
  • Weave Artisan Society - Weave Artisan Society was founded by a group of architects from Hong Kong, UK and the Netherlands who are passionate in artisanal culture and the deep-rooting craftmanship behind. Over the years, Weave has curated an array of workshops, labs, creative and cultural initiatives in Chiang Mai, promoting design culture to the public. Julia Mok, one of the founders of Weave and a lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute, is a mentor for this programme.

【Group B】September 2019 to November 2019 (P3 – P4)

Session 1: Students will learn more about ‘school’ through drama games, conduct research for designing their ‘Rolling School’ by interviewing end-users and on-campus observations.
Session 2: Students will be given a lecture on ‘The five design directions in architecture’, they will also acquire drawing and modelling techniques for making their ‘Rolling School’ later in groups.
Session 3: In groups, students will build their 1:1 design prototypes for their ‘Rolling School’, and proceed to evaluate their designs after introducing their work to the architects.
Session 4: Students will conduct five different tests on their prototypes based on the ‘five design directions’ introduced in session 2, and revise their designs according to the test results.
Session 5: Each group will present and introduce their designs. Improvements will be made based on comments and suggestions from tutors, school teachers, parents and other fellow students.

Final products will be showcased in a presentation session at participating schools to parents, teachers and students.

Teaching Team
B) For P3 to P4 students
The teaching team led by littleurbanmountain is comprised of multi-disciplinary local creatives, including architects, designers, makers/craftsmen and drama educators. Using “Rolling School” as a theme for the workshops, the team will guide students in experiencing the process of Design Thinking.

Coordination and Course Design

  • littleurbanmountain Design Ltd – A collaborative platform that focuses on architecture, interior design and art in Hong Kong. Founded by architect Bong Yeung and theatre artist Lai Sim Fong in 2017, littleurbanmountain is keen on exploring the relationship between architecture and human condition. Started by working on projects related to sustainable design and social architecture, the team now also creates art installations and participates in community, architectural and interior design projects.

Architects / Designers

  • Sandy Ip – Registered architect, School of Architecture graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the founder of Ride Architects Studio. Sandy has participated in various local major revitalization, conservation and conversion projects, including the ones for the Viva Blue House in Wan Chai, Broadway Cinematheque in Yau Ma Tei, the Murray Building (now The Murray, Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel) and the Zero Carbon Building in Kowloon Bay.
  • Raymond Chan – Raymond is an interior, landscape and architectural designer. He received his Bachelor Degree in Environment and Interior Design at the HKPolyU in 2014 and founded Crevice Design. Raymond was involved in several social design projects including the Annual Flagship Programme organized by Jockey Club Design (2014 and 2015), ArtAlive@Park (2014), the Hawkerama Carnival Workshop (2012) and the Wu Chi Qiao Bridge to China Project (2011 and 2012).

Makers / Craftsmen

  • Cheong Gor – Co-founder of UpCycling Plus, a vintage bike enthusiast and a smith-turned-artist. Cheong Gor enjoys creating with mechanical parts. Through restoring old objects, he hopes to bring back the taste and charm of vintage to the modern-day society.
  • Stephanie Fung – Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University, Stephanie is the co-founder of UpCycling Plus and the founder of Seoinim Workshop. She is now a curator for community and art projects, her scope of work spans across visual arts, design and literature. Stephanie is passionate in exploring various media and in the preservation of international and local cultures, she hopes to pass her enthusiasm to the next generation via craftsmanship and sustainable design.

Drama Educators

  • Crystal Wong – Crystal is an experienced drama educator who has devoted more than ten years’ time in the front line of drama education, during which she has served as Senior Education and Outreach Officer of Chung Ying Theatre Company, Director of Child Education of Starlit Learning Centre and Programme Coordinator of Theatre Noir. Institutes she has worked with include LCSD, Hong Kong Art Museum and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Crystal has recently directed the play “The 4 Generations of Shatin” (2017) for The Community Oral History Theatre Project.
  • Cheung Hin Tung – Graduated from Radix Troupe Full-time All-round Theatre Certificate Training in 2017, Cheung is now a freelance actress and a teaching assistant for Chung Ying Theatre Company’s kids’ drama course. She has recently performed in “Reminiscences” and “The Feast” by Cinematic Theatre; “The Watching Dead” by Radix Troupe; “Hide and Seek”, “Good Times” and “Best Friend” by Trinity Theatre.

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