When In Tokyo


15 February 2023 (Wednesday) – 15 March 2023 (Wednesday)


12:00nn – 7:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
12:00nn – 5:00pm (Sunday)

02/15/2023 12:00 03/15/2023 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong When In Tokyo DATE: 15 February 2023 (Wednesday) – 15 March 2023 (Wednesday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 7:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday) 12:00nn – 5:00pm (Sunday)
S507, Staunton

S507, Staunton

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When In Tokyo
J 12 contemporary art by jason cordially invite you to join us on February 15th as we unveil “When in Tokyo”, our latest exhibition, featuring the works of seven highly talented artists: Keita Sagaki, Masaki Okuten, Tomoko Nagai, Toru Ichikawa, Toshio Iezumi, Kan-Zan-Loc, and Shinya Tanoue. This showcase represents an opportunity for you to discover and appreciate the art of these artists that have not only enriches our understanding of contemporary Nihonga, but also serves as an inspiration to us.

The exhibition is focused on enhancing the J 12 contemporary art by jason’s commitment to showcasing the vibrant and diverse East Asian art scene, with a special emphasis on the rich cultural heritage of Japan and its impact on the art scene in Hong Kong. We believe Hong Kong is a great space to have these exchanges. Since the launch of our space in PMQ, Central, Hong Kong, one of our objectives has been to continue creating dialogues between the two vibrant regions. For this exhibition, we will be presenting seven Japanese artists with an array of backgrounds, practices, discipline, and values. Though they may have been born in different years and hail from different parts of Japan, each with their own unique identity, these artists all share a deep connection to and reverence for the rich culture and traditions of Japan. It is this shared appreciation for their heritage that serves as the common denominator for their aspirations and ultimately shapes who they have become as artists. These artists represent dots, and by linking them together, they reveal to us the contemporary Nihonga or Japanesestyle painting as well as fine art objects.

“When in Tokyo” offers a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with each of the seven featured artists on a personal level, gaining insight into their artistic identity and the values and ideas they represent. To prepare for this exhibition, we embarked on a journey of studio Portrait of a Lady by Boticelli J 12 www.J12contemporaryart.com | hongkong@jasonsveinn.com | Hong Kong 2 visits to to meet the artist-behind-the-art regardless of distances travelled. This was an opportunity to fully understand their artistic practice and values in order for us to share their story and more importantly their art with the Hong Kong audience. We have fond memories of our travels prior to our visits, as we strolled through the bustling streets of Tokyo and took in the unique architecture and design of the city. We also had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the everyday lives of locals as we visited shops of all varieties and enjoyed a bowl of soba, a traditional Japanese dish that is also recognized as an intangible cultural heritage. It was a nourishing experience that left us feeling happy and fulfilled. Riding on a train is a great way to relax and unwind, many travellers take the opportunity to enjoy reading comics and watching anime. Exploring the narrow passageways that lead to the artist’s studios is a rare and valuable experience. From Tokyo to Tochigi, to Kanagawa, and to Kyoto, our journey was filled with meaningful encounters. It enlightened us and added another layer of knowledge to our exhibition – “When in Tokyo”.

First stop, Tokyo.

  • Keita Sagaki (b.1984 in Ishikawa, Japan)
  • Masaki Okuten (b.1985 in Kanagawa, Japan)
  • Tomoko Nagai (b. 1982 in Aichi Prefecture).
  • Toru Ichikawa (b. 1973 in Tokyo, Japan)
    • To Kanagawa.

    • Toshio Iezumi (b.1954 in Tochigi, Japan)
    • Kan-Zan-Loc (b. 1964 in Tochigi, Japan)
      • To Kyoto.

      • Shinya Tanoue (b. 1976 in Kyoto, Japan)
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