The Stories by Greg Kuang
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Staunton / 2F / S210 & S211
Greg Kuang
1. 06. 2024 - 30. 06. 2025
11:00am - 7:00pm
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$600 - $20,000

The Stories – an art platform single handedly established by ceramics artist Greg Kuang in 2022. It is a place where ceramics art is being used as the medium to offload our emotions while letting our creativity flows. Besides various mindful ceramics workshops, we have retail and gallery side, where you can purchase Greg’s masterpieces and other artists’ art pieces from time to time.


Greg Kuang is an artist born in Malaysia, raised in the UK, and now living in Hong Kong. This played a big role in his artistic attainments. His creations are a combination of different countries, cultural backgrounds and stories. This is what sets Greg’s work apart. He also has a strong insight into nature, because his creative inspiration comes from nature and is interpreted in his own way.

It must be mentioned that in addition to being a ceramic artist, Greg is also an accountant. It can be seen in his works that he is definitely not a budget-conscious artist, because in order to achieve his ideals, he will present them regardless of the cost. But he has the delicacy of an accountant.

Greg established the brand Gregramics for his own ceramics. For two consecutive years, Greg successfully entered the top 20 of the Ceramics Competition hosted by British Television.

Instagram: @gregkuang / @thestoriesltd

Featured Highlights
Daisy Lamp Shade - Awakening

I called this art piece ‘Realisation’. It is a snapshot of our society, each daisy represents one of us. Those at the bottom with darker tone and less petals and without centre of flowers are those who are still blindly chasing the so called life achievements ‘set’ by the society norms. Once we get wiser, start to see through the shallowness of nonsense in life, simplicity will be what we are after. The lesser burden we carry with us, the happier we will be. This state of mind is represented by all those daisies, which are brighter in colours, not only with centre of flowers, but some even with clear water pearls.

The architectural of this sculpture not only challenging but pushed my patience to the max. Firstly I handcrafted more than 100 daisies in different colours using coloured clay prepared by myself. Arranged them onto the base shell I hand pinched. There were 4 layers of flowers been attached to each other in order to achieve the size and thickness I envisioned. Finally pearls were placed carefully onto those daisies on the top layer.

Magnolia Ball

Spring of 2023, I strolled down the cobbled street in the UK heading to town, both side of the street was covered by magnolia trees. Their flowers were pinkish white. I was so inspired by these graceful blooms, all stood upright proudly, and covered the entire trees. How spectacular!

I created this masterpiece the moment I was back to Hong Kong to mimic the shape of Magnolia tree full of blooms.

This is a vase, which can be used for flowers arrangement or diffuser.

The Parents

This pair of vases were created by using the concept ‘Art in Your Mind’, which means using art as an outlet to offload our emotions. I created these 2 vases and named them ‘The Parents’ and dedicated them to my own parents to express my gratitude to their care, love and patience to me all this time. Those animals I created and placed around the vases represent me and my siblings, we are all happy kids growing up, the platforms where I placed these animals on represent the environment my parents provide to us, it is so well balanced and rich with resources.

The body of the vases were coiled up, then glazed with crackled glaze, which is Ge Ware, a type of glaze invented during Song Dynasty. While all the animals were sculpted and hand painted.


The hydrangea can further symbolize unity and togetherness. Contrastingly, hydrangeas have a negative sentiment in Europe where they were used to declare arrogance and boastfulness. This association is based on the ability of the plant to produce many flowers but very few seeds. One hydrangea plant can have different colours of blooms at one go, which is dictated by the acidity of the soil, and one bloom can have mixture of colour too due to the same reason. This shows that how versatile and adaptable hydrangea is. That’s one of the reason why I like hydrangea and decided to create it.

It took me 10 hrs continuously to create this giant hydrangea. Each of the bloom was handcrafted and sticked on almost immediately to avoid the clay drying out.


Being one of my signature, having spent years to perfect its shape, movement, and texture. Tried numerous types of porcelain and glaze. Till what you see in front of you today, this is the version 20.0 or even more. However this is not the end, I am non stop working on further enhancing it. Just like all my other works, they are a journey, non stop perfecting and polishing.

In order to give the justice for King of Flowers, The Peonies, I use the highest quality porcelain that I can find, which gives me the best translucent effect without cracking. It gives me the whitest base which let whatever glaze I apply in it shines through.


This is a very delicate structure with countless textured petals in various sizes. The technique of installing them without losing the shape of the entire bloom requires real patience and steady hands.

However everything comes down to passion, I love its smell and fulsome petals structure. For me, it is the symbol of prosperity and completeness.


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