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Mondovi • MDVS

Mondovi ® debuted as DoDo Leung and Nolly Leung , Hong Kong designer brand label is a high-end ladies’ collection and Jewelry Collections.

Mondovi ® has multiple high-end products for enrich brand which are include as Couture, Lingerie, Jewelry, Home Collection.

Couture Collection “DoDo Leung Couture” is modern design for evening gown and accessories, mainly fabric is used by fancy and fabulous lace.

Lingerie Collection is show the ravishing feminine physique with luxurious lingerie features as finest gown. It could make ladies as gorgeous even in sweet dream. Create a range that exemplifies the design and aesthetics reflected from Mondovi ®.

Jewelry Collection “MDVS” s creative jewelry brand with unique style and new design Whether it is elegant, noble, or stylish, brand accessories can show fashionable men and women their personal styles.

Home Collection “Secret Garden” combines stylish design with comfort and functionality, and attention to details, as customers with a variety of choice. Through our fragrance and home accessories items, create an atmospheric lift to bedroom and bathroom to help customers in enriched spaces for an enjoyable the life.

DoDo Leung’s was born and raised in Hong Kong, She is deeply loves design & fashion that she has been studying and training continuously to enrich fashion knowledge. specialization in unique cutting & embroidery.
“Mondovi ® ” presented on a a lot of international fashion runway – Hong Kong Fashion Week / World Boutique , Sydney Fashion Expose & preview , Taipei IN Style and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.


Instagram: @mondovi_lingerie/ @mondovi_mdvs

Featured Highlights
MWild Collection

Fierce, Sexy, Captivating…Leopard patterned authentic silk and gilt knit fabrics from Korea,with black satin and the finest lace from Japan.

Mondovi Home Collection
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