My Found MUJI East Asia Exhibition


4 August 2017 (Friday) – 20 August 2017 (Sunday)


12:00nn – 8:00pm (Monday– Sunday)

Asia/Hong_Kong My Found MUJI East Asia Exhibition DATE: 4 August 2017 (Friday) – 20 August 2017 (Sunday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 8:00pm (Monday– Sunday)
S201, Staunton

S201, Staunton

Fee (HKD)



+852 2694 9309

With advanced development of technology, capitalism and globalisation, unique local culture and craftsmanship are diminishing throughout the world. In 2003, MUJI launched the Found MUJI project, visiting around the world to look for culture and craftsmanship that are valuable and worth preserving.
Innovations of MUJI are not simply a process of creation, they are a review of living by “Searching and Finding”. Found MUJI searches for durable and long-lasting daily necessities, retains their essence while refining them to suit our contemporary lifestyles, cultures and customs, and reproduces them at reasonable prices, so that these beautiful traditional objects can be continued.
My Found MUJI project has been launched since 2012. MUJI staff would gather and discuss what kinds of items are qualified for the proposition “What is Found MUJI”, and then visit relevant production areas to study how the artisans produce the items. My Found MUJI East Asia is jointly participated by the four regions of East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. The Found MUJI items were gathered and meticulously selected through the filter of MUJI, consisting of staff from each of the four regions and the MUJI advisory board.
Found MUJI is never a rare thing made in a distant country. It is instead, always very familiar as it exists in the lives of people around the world. My Found MUJI East Asia Exhibition presents such representative items from the four regions in East Asia, and introduce the background of these items.

Know more about Found MUJI
Website: www.muji.com/hk/event/201707_my_found_muji/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/muji.hongkong
Instagram: @muji_hongkong

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