“LIFE IS” Exhibition


13 July 2014 – 31 August 2014


1:00pm – 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong “LIFE IS” Exhibition DATE: 13 July 2014 – 31 August 2014
TIME: 1:00pm – 8:00pm
S506, Staunton

S506, Staunton

Fee (HKD)

Free of charge

Hong Kong is a pluralistic society with different races, classes and backgrounds. Each of us has our own life story to tell, which could be uplifting or depressing. We may not be able to avoid difficult situations, but we can choose “how” to face them. “Life is life, fight for it!” as Mother Teresa famously said. “Life is” is a campaign to represent individuality and to share views on diverse aspects of life in Hong Kong through different stories, so as to encourage us to appreciate and cherish life.

We interviewed locals from all walks of life about their lives in this city and documented their life stories with photos and text for an upcoming exhibition. Through this, we hope that audiences will be touched and inspired to take a new perspective to life.

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