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Found MUJI Suomi Finland


15 August 2018 (Wednesday) onwards


12:00nn – 8:00pm (Sunday – Thursday)
12:00nn – 9:00pm (Friday, Saturday & Public holiday eve)

08/15/2018 09/30/2018 Asia/Hong_Kong Found MUJI Suomi Finland DATE: 15 August 2018 (Wednesday) onwards
TIME: 12:00nn – 8:00pm (Sunday – Thursday) 12:00nn – 9:00pm (Friday, Saturday & Public holiday eve)
S107, Staunton

S107, Staunton

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+852 3971 3138

Forest as far as the eye can see, dotted with lakes here and there. The flat lines of the landscape unfold outside the car window—all skies and forests.

About 80% of the Finnish terrain is made up of forests and lakes, with the land people living on making up the remaining 20%. The relationship with the surrounding natural environment is thus part and parcel of daily life for the people of Finland. During the midnight suns of summer, the Finnish move to cottages outside the city to delight in the forests with family and friends, forgetting about the constraints of time. During the long, dark winters, homes are lit with candles, and leisurely hours are spent in conversation or reading.

The Finnish name for the country is “Suomi”. The Suomi people live close to nature and know ways in order to enjoy living there. The sauna, for example, is an essential part of Finnish life. The hut for a traditional smoke sauna takes hours to heat. While this is taking place, sauna-goers prepare bundles of white birch leaves and branches called vihta. The sauna room is ready when smoke from the wood stove begins to escape from the small vent. In the sauna room, the faint scent of burnt wood lingers, and everyone sings together in close companionship. “Löylyä lissää! Löylyä lissää! Lissää löylyä kiukaaseen!” (“More steam! More steam! Throw more steam on the stove!”) While gently hitting their bodies with a vihta bundle, they work up a great sweat. When the heat becomes too much, everyone would jump into a lake or river to cool off and hydrate by drinking berry juice or beer while sitting in front of the sauna hut indulging in friendly conversation.

Sitting amid the coniferous trees of the forest, the Finnish people chat with family and friends regardless of age and gender. This is what it means to live as a part of nature.

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