Family Recipes Workshop: Mom’s Special Salt-Baked Chicken & Carrot Cake


17 June 2017 (Saturday)


3:00pm – 4:30pm

Asia/Hong_Kong Family Recipes Workshop: Mom’s Special Salt-Baked Chicken & Carrot Cake DATE: 17 June 2017 (Saturday)
TIME: 3:00pm – 4:30pm
H504, Hollywood – Taste Library

H504, Hollywood – Taste Library

Fee (HKD)

Free (Members)
$50 (Non-members)

Enquiry & Application

+852 3481 3998

【Don’t let treasured family recipes disappear with time】

In this Family Recipes Workshop, Teresa will be our guest and demonstrate two dishes, Salt-Baked Chicken and Carrot Cake. You may wonder how these foods are related, but they are particularly important for Teresa as the linkage to her father and her son.
Decades ago, Teresa’s father has often taken care of his friends who left home and came over to Hong Kong for business opportunities. Therefore, there were guests at her home almost every night. Since having children around the dining table may be inconvenient, her father usually saved a chicken drumstick for Teresa before dinner. That’s what Teresa still remembers until these days.

When Teresa and her son walked around in a fleet market in United States, she found an antique cookbook. Even though she loved it, she did not buy it at the end. Of course, Teresa regretted it right after she got back to Hong Kong. Nevertheless, her son, who was studying in the States, bought that cookbook for Teresa as her birthday gift. She was very happy and every time when she misses her son, she would make the dishes in that cookbook.

If you would love to learn how to make these dishes and find out more stories between Teresa and her family, please sign up for this Family Recipes Workshop!

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