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Andrew Kayla 18′ Collection Launch


2 February 2018 (Friday) onward


12:00nn – 7:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong Andrew Kayla 18′ Collection Launch DATE: 2 February 2018 (Friday) onward
TIME: 12:00nn – 7:00pm
S406, Staunton

S406, Staunton


+852 2894 2281

What is Andrew Kayla?

Andrew Kayla is a contemporary footwear brand. It was founded with a spark of passion and a straightforward mission: to offer the ultimate in fit, durability and classic good looks.

We make shoes for men and women, and we’re launching to market with two collections in 2018: Able and Ready (AAR) and Andrew Kayla Classic.

Who started it, and when?

Andrew Kayla was established in 2016. We have accumulated years of experience collaborating with high quality footwear brands, and now we are putting that expertise and passion into our own label.

What does the brand stand for?

1) THE PERFECT FIT: Fit is key for us. Anyone can make a shoe that looks good – that’s standard these days. But we work hard to make shoes that both look good and feel really good, too. We worked out pretty quickly that fit was a priority for our customers. They’re busy, influential people. They’re travelling all over the world, moving from one thing to the other, one country to the next. They value style, of course, like we do. But to them the perfect fit is a real luxury.

2) LUXURY WITH VALUE: We’re creating a luxury product out of premium materials. And we’re using traditional shoe-making techniques to actually craft these shoes. That’s rare in this area of the industry, but we value craftsmanship, and we go to extra lengths to ensure that our shoes are made properly. The amazing thing is we’re managing to offer value for money without compromising quality.

3) DURABILITY: We’ve all bought shoes that we’ve loved and worn everyday but which have fallen apart way too quickly. So we’re making sure that every pair of Andrew Kayla shoes is super durable. They’re built to last. And we really want customers to wear our shoes day in, day out. That’s what they’ve been made for.

Introduce Able and Ready (AAR)?

This is our first sneaker collection. The whole line was inspired by the shapes and simplicity of classic sports shoes – all of those amazing low-tops from the 1970s. We’ve made updated versions: shoes for modern lifestyles that are fluid and fast-paced and dynamic. And we’ve created some amazing colourways – colourways you definitely wouldn’t have found in the ’70s – and used some very fine materials.

They’re not sports sneakers, although we think you could still wear them on court. We say they’re for all-the-time use: go to work in them, wear them to meetings, wear them to parties, wear them to travel in.

Who is Able and Ready (AAR) for?

We’re making these shoes specifically for the young creative class. Men and women that are artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers. They live busy lives. They live all over the world. And they travel a lot. So they need practical sneakers but they don’t want that to impact on the way they look. They want shoes that enhance their own individual styles and that they can wear all the time. That’s what this collection’s about.

What’s in the collection?

We’re introducing two shapes. AAR Type A is a classic lace-up court sneaker, and it’s available in a load of colourways for men and women. And AAR Type B is a lace-free court sneaker with three hook-and-loop straps. That shoe is available in white and black. Every shoe in the line is made in fine leather, so the quality is amazing.

Introduce Andrew Kayla Classic?

This is a collection of premium sneakers inspired by the ethos that form follows function. We’ve used really understated, elegant shapes. And we’re making every shoe using traditional techniques in fine leathers and a refined, pared-back palette.

Tell us more about the audience?

We say this collection has been designed for men and women as comfortable in the boardroom as they are in international transit. They’re a bit older than the people buying from the Able and Ready (AAR) collection. They’re entrepreneurial and accomplished. And they’re really influential in their industries. They don’t have to shout to get their points across and they don’t have to dress formally to impress any more. They can be understated. They kind of have a stealth style – everything they wear fits perfectly and is supremely crafted from excellent materials, but they’re never showy about it – they just don’t need to be. That’s the idea behind this collection, too. It’s confident.

Where can you buy them?

We have an Andrew Kayla brick-and-mortar store in Hong Kong that gives local customers a chance to buy our shoes in person, and get a sense of our personality – who we are as people. But our shoes are distributed around the world, too, and they’re available online at our website,

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