Design Feature #02

Chinoiserie in Clash and Crash: PILINGPALANG the Chinese Homeware Brand


Written by RMM

Sound effects like “pi”, “ling”, “pa”, “lang” often evoke an imagery of different things clashing together. Extending from this use of onomatopoeia, can you imagine how modern design styles can powerfully collide with Chinese ceramics, cloisonné and lacquers?

In 2009, Bingbing Deng started the homeware brand PILINGPALANG in Shanghai. Ever since then, he has been daringly mixing traditional Chinese homewares with Western aesthetics, creating a PILINGPALANG-stylized contemporary Chinoiserie. Deng was born in a family of artists in Tianjin of China. He started drawing at the age of 4 and graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts. After his graduation, he worked in Melbourne for 10 years. He established “Bing Design” in 2001 when he returned to his motherland China.


PILIANGPALANG’s works are new and nostalgically Chinese at the same time. In fact, Bingbing Deng’s source of inspiration can be traced from the upbringing he has received from his father, “I have to say that my father has influenced me the most. He has taught me how to draw, how to use colors, Chinese and Western art history, and most importantly, my aesthetic standards.” says Deng.

Adopting simplicity as its theme, PILINGPALANG’s use of patterns and colours is very simple and straightforward. At the same time, Deng likes to combine different colours and add some traditional Chinese patterns in order to create some new patterns and symbols. With this artistic style, the brand gives a modern twist to make his products look more contemporary.

PILINGPALANG’s products go beyond homewares, as they are also unique artworks. Through contrasting traditional symbols and modern colors, this Aubergine in Repose undergoes a metamorphosis, from an ordinary homeware to an interesting art decoration.

In fact, as early as the 17th century, the Frenchmen have already found Chinese culture chic. At that time, Chinoiserie was more European-oriented. Its splendor charmed mainly the upper-class in European society. With the rise of China nowadays, different countries revive their attention and interest in China. Deng also notices this. He believes the current Chinoiserie requires people to delve deeper into understanding Chinese history and Chinese culture. When asked how would he continue to extend the Chinese chic that PILINGPALANG advocates, Deng says,

“We have to continue our passion for Chinese culture by using our unique approach in combining colours and patterns.” He also recognizes how people with different cultural background will hold different expectations and perspectives regarding traditional Chinese art.

Bingbing Deng, who is raised by a family of artists in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, is PILINGPALANG’s founder. His modern design style collides with Chinese traditions, sparking off a contemporary Chinoiserie as he plays with the old and the new.


“We actually love to incorporate auspicious Chinese symbols to our design. We will match our patterns with vibrant colors and some beautifully designed symbols to keep on ‘Awakening Tradition’, thereby bringing more freshness to our global customers.” Bingbing Deng embraces a very clear and simple vision for the brand. No wonder PILINGPALANG has been an iconic and award-claimed brand in the urban Chinese design field since 2009.



For more information about PILINGPALANG, please visit this official website:

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