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We are a contemporary Jewellery Studio that exhibits uniquely handcrafted yet modern ‘wearable-object’. We aim to promote contemporary & innovative art jewellery as well as metal craft to the public.

Since our establishment in 2014, Obellery has been a keen supporter of local and international art jewellery, in hopes to promote appreciation for traditional metal-craft amidst the quick-paced urban life. 2021 marks a new milestone for Obellery as we expanded our gallery floor to accommodate exhibitions not limited to jewellery, but all things precious, fulfilling our purpose when we settled upon the name Obellery, a portmanteau of object and jewellery.

Belinda Chang is a British-trained contemporary jeweller. She has taken on various roles within the industry, setting her up for the establishment of Obellery, a contemporary jewellery studio as well as her own jewellery brand, Belinda Chang Jewellery.

Her design aesthetic features a unique brand of minimalistic elegance, favouring floral motifs and other organic inspirations in her collections. Her charismatic designs prompted collaborations with multinational retail and jewellery companies alike, such as Emphasis and Lane Crawford.

Each of her pieces is hand-crafted, presenting the designer’s unique interpretation of their respective inspirational roots. Her work can be found in galleries across Asia, Europe, and the US.

Featured Highlights

Signet rings were heirloom jewelleries popular among the nobles dating back to 3500BC. Though no longer serves its purpose as a form of identification in modern days. In place of the engraved crest, signet rings in modern times come in all shapes and styles. Along with its rich history and timeless aesthetics, it still remains as a popular piece of fashion accessory.

This summer, Obellery will be holding a time-limited gemstone signet ring workshop, allowing you to hand-craft your own signet ring and learning to set a precious piece of gemstone on top, making it a perfect workshop for the crafty fashionistas!

During the workshop, you will learn basic silversmithing techniques such as piercing, filing, annealing, soldering, polishing and bezel setting. If you are looking to challenge yourself and add an extra treasure to your jewellery collection, do not miss the chance to join us!

Cloisonné Enamelling Jewellery Workshop

Cloisonne enamelling is one of the most recognised enamelling techniques. The history of this technique traces back to the Byzantine Age, and is believed to be the very first enamelling technique.

Cloisonne enamelling can be easily distinguished by the strands of metal inlaid onto the surface. The compartments outlined using metal creates isolated cells, which will then be furnished with powdered enamel. The level of detail associated with this technique is unparalleled by any other.

A Cloisonne enamelling workshop will be held at Obellery Studio. Participants could make use of metal strands and design their own pattern freely within a given floral-shaped copper plate. Together with self-picked coloured enamel creating a piece of pendant or earring that is truly one-of-a-kind and unique to yourself.

Silver Ring Jewellery Workshop

Life could feel like a rut when a few bad things happen in the same week, but a fresh experience in the weekend can turn it all around!
If you like jewellery and enjoy a hands on learning experience, our workshops might just be the mini vacation you need for the week.

This course is for those who have yet to experience the joys of jewellery making and would like to give learning these new skills a try. Our tutor will teach in a group or as individuals to provide guidance and technical support throughout the process. You will learn the basic silversmithing skills such as: Piercing, Filing, Annealing, Soldering, Basic hammering, Texturing, Polishing, Twisting

There are 3 levels to choose from, each with a unique set of designs templates that focuses on a different aspect of the craft.


In our silver bangle making workshop, you will be able to handcraft your very own silver bangle within one single session. We provide some samples to choose from and each style comes with different techniques. You may choose one style per class. Our tutor will teach in a group or as individuals to provide guidance and technical support throughout the process.

We provide all the tools and equipments needed for jewellery making. Extra silver fee may be charged depending on the weight.


Wedding rings signify trust, blessings and an eternal promise to your beloved one. This wedding ring workshop offers you an opportunity to hand-craft your love to your significant other while appreciating the charm of traditional gold and silver smithing.

You may select making either single or bi-coloured 18K gold wedding rings and choose among yellow, white or rose gold. The course will be divided into two classes, in the first class you will be making your chosen ring style in 925 sterling silver for practice and in the second class you will start working with precious 18K gold. Each class takes approximately 1.5-3 hours to complete.

Our wedding ring workshops are taught by professional contemporary jewellers. The tutor will guide you through the making process step by step and offer any assistance needed, ensuring that even absolute beginners could pick up and achieve satisfactory outcomes.


Signet rings are part of time-honoured tradition practiced by aristocrats, commonly used as a personal signature or symbol of family heritage for an official seal. A design was usually engraved into the metal of the ring and then pressed into wax or clay. Authentic antique signet rings are rare and valuable as they were often destroyed when their wearer died. Nowadays people wear because of its distinctive style, personal choice of expression or fashion accessories.

If you are interested in metalwork, This is a very good chance for you to learn how to create a signet ring in a traditional way. We are very welcome even you are completely new in jewellery making!



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