PMQ Corner #01

If the Dishes Can Speak


Written by Linus
Translated by Derek Leung
Photos by Flow+Living

Here we have lotus roots, broccolis, green beans, sweet corns, bitter gourds and onions on the plates... All of them look yummy!

Yet, you can’t eat them! They are simply the "embossed prints" on the plates.

These plates belong to the collection called Foodprint under the brand of Flow+Living founded by artist Yokky Wong and two of her friends. The collection name suggests that fruits and vegetables are imprinted on the clay as kids stamping on the paper before firing so as to leave a variety of exquisite patterns on the pottery.

What a picturesque breakfast when the sunny-side up and toast meet the embossed broccolis on the plate!

"Clay is fabulous! When you imprint, it looks 100% the same as the object, but it’s not exactly that thing after firing. It’s entirely an organic change. And it’s uncontrollable; yet it’s great fun," said Yokky.

Open your eyes and you will find that they do look real and cannot help touching them: rows of asparaguses emerging from the plates show neatness and vigour; thin carambola slices are as elegant as floating starfish; rough pineapple spike patterns look almost real...... and the most strikingly laughable is certainly a pair of monster-claw-like chicken wings!

Yokky selects these food items not because of their exceptionally brilliant looks, but her own experiences or her preferences over several ingredients. As Yokky mentioned, there is always a story behind each of the interesting patterns.

There is always a story behind each food item.

It is not only the palatal taste that leaves behind the food...

One of her skillful tricks is to take food as creative props. Before the Foodprint series, she has created a collection of pottery containers called "The Lotus Root" Collection. Slices of lotus roots are cleverly integrated into the tableware including cups and plates. Contrary to all expectations, they are never awkward though.

Instead of the elegant lotus blossoms and leaves, Yokky fancies the dirty lotus roots because the latter are not only tasty but reminiscent of the relationship with her mother. Her mom loved to prepare dishes with lotus roots in the past and this is why she was finally attracted to such an edible part of the plant.

Not until her mom passed away did she realize that the lotus roots are like the parents who raise their children without asking for returns, "Lotus roots are always in the supporting role. They always allow flowers and leaves to absorb their nutrients without regret."

Lotus roots imply the unconditional parental care.

One can feel the flaovur of love from "The Lotus Root" Collection...

Would anyone who understands such an underlying story think of their own parents when using this tableware collection?

One can feel the flaovur of love from "The Lotus Root" Collection...

The fish embossed on the plate looks vigorous!

The reason Yokky sets up Flow+Living is to make the expressionless dishes to tell the stories, which can be about food, life and some memories other than taste.

The brand profile writes: The texture of the soil, the warmth and richness of the glaze together with the looks of the containers are interconnected with Nature and four seasons. They colour our memories in the tranquil flow of the breath of life.

Once stories are imprinted on your memory, they live on...

Address: FLOW+ Living, H207, 2/F, Hollywood, PMQ

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