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Moving Museum in London

Moving Museum

Written by RMM

Stefan Brüggemann - This Work Is Realised When It Is Burned (2013)

Foreground: James Capper - Hydra Shuffle (2013)
Background: Florence Peake - Remake (2012)

Receiving much attention from art and design sectors, Moving Museum in London must be one of the hottest topics for artists and designers recently. Moving Museum is a travelling program of art exhibitions that includes events related to art held in different countries. They arrived in London and held a two-month exhibition, namely Open Heart Surgery, from 13th October to 15th December 2013. The temporary exhibition center was situated in Strand Street of London. The event was featured by more than 200 multimedia artworks that were displayed in a 35000-square-feet large venue. The building where the exhibition was held is located in the heart of London city. It is a surprise to find that the building grew out of a factory producing Vinyl - serving a totally different function from what it does now. With its unique style of sprawling Brutalism, the collaboration between Moving Museum and the Vinyl factory was just amazingly perfect. The base of brutalist architecture is often made of concrete; this factory is no exception. Due to the texture and color of concrete which always contribute to a sense of wildness, the building often leaves its visitors with a wild impression. London is famous for its city re-vitalization projects. Many successful cases of re-use and renovation of redundant space and area have shown London's exceptional ability in city planning and re-vitalizing. In addition to the renowned case of Tate Modern which transformed an old power plant into a modern art museum, this is believed to be another great achievement in terms of old building revitalization - turning an old Vinyl factory into a modern art space.

Alistair Frost - Installation View (2013)

Lucky PDF - WOWOW! To Now Now! (2013)

Apart from the exhibition, Moving Museum also hosted a three-month artists residency for artists who participated in the great event. Artists could stay at the venue provided and start the preparation one month prior to the exhibition. Artists were welcome to stay until the end of the exhibition. Having the same interest and career, artists from different backgrounds and styles had a precious opportunity to communicate with each other in this shared space. Interaction among artists created more possibility and variability for the exhibition. The atmosphere was animated and activated because active production and exchange of information were happening constantly in the venue. Artists were not working as a separable single unit, but rather working on their own piece of artwork with the spirit of collaboration - they were all connected. A community, in this sense, was formed unintentionally, and made the exhibition more diversified and energetic. Holding a permanent collection is not possible for Moving Museum due to its "moving" nature. Nevertheless, the organization has a network of international professional curators for organizing and closely monitoring every single exhibition. Composed of experts from various fields, the team understands the value of collaboration. Rather than dictatorial style of management, the team believes that the spirit of collaborative exchange is of vital importance. Sticking to the principle, Moving Museum devotes efforts in establishing a platform for communication of opinions and ideas among artists in various events and exhibitions.

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The Moving Museum, London
Photo © Indechs.org.

The Moving Museum, London
Photo © Indechs.org.

The Moving Museum, London
Photo © Indechs.org.

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