Leisure & Culture #74

Around PMQ: Foggy Spring is here

Tai Ping Shan

Written & Photos by PMQ Life
Translated by Wendy Yiu

Location: Tai Ping Shan

PMQ is halfway up the mountain. Looking up is Victoria Peak, which is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. At the beginning of spring, there are often beautiful foggy scenes, which also bring the unique natural beauty of the mountains.

Tai Ping Shan, also known as Victoria Gap. There is a hiking trail of total 6km with a history of over a hundred years, and there are traces of history everywhere. For example, the Harlech Road and Lugard Road Circular Walk completed in 1922, built along the edge of the cliff, is the best scenery spot. The Walk is always veiled with fog, it was regarded as one of the eight scenic spots in Hong Kong.

Fog is what makes Victoria Peak famous. The warm and humid fog brings plenty of water to the plants on the mountain. Therefore, there are also unique tree sceneries on both sides of the mountain trail. The aerial roots of the Indian oak tree grow as strong as an arch due to high humidity on the mountain.

The lichen on trees and the humidity of the air is the perfect air quality indicators. Ferns, which are prehistoric plants, are also spreading on the top of the mountain. Moss that is difficult to grow in hot weather also grows densely on the rocks on both sides of the plank road. Even on days when there is no fog, you can still find traces of the fog on the mountain.

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