Interview #73

Book Corner: “I’VE LIVED IN EAST LONDON FOR 86 ½ YEARS” by Martin Usborne

Chan Kit @youknowhere

Written and Images by Chan Kit @youknowhere
Translation by Wendy Yiu

A book is like a friend. We understand the world and life, or even observe ourselves through texts, and have a deep realization of oneself that we are not alone. PMQ invites different people from design and culture sectors to recommend a book, so that you can enrich yourselves as book therapy.

Why would you recommend this book?

Chan Kit:Should you leave or stay. What can you do if you stay? Many people are planning to stay or leave their home country. But what is it like for those who have been living in the same place for 86 1/2 years?

The first book, that is a collection of photography published by HOXTON MINI PRESS, traces Joseph Markovitch, an old gentleman who settled in East London for 86 years and six months, and his daily life.

Uncovering almost all topics about health, love, fashion, money, beliefs and so on. If you are lucky (or unfortunate) to witness the evolution of a place along the way, the people and the city can never be separated.


Author: Martin Usborne

Publisher:Red Fox

The 86-year-old gentleman fills the whole book with joy: the most important things in life are keys, belts and bus passes - Without these, you are not able to go home with your pants on by bus.

A few days after his 87th birthday, Joseph Markovitch left East London and the world. A part of him was left behind and printed as a book, which triggered the establishment of a publishing house. It has become a familiar name in East London and it will probably spread to other parts of the world.

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