Interview #46

Book Corner: “強風吹拂” by Shion Miura

急急子 | 集雜志 Zine

Written by 急急子 | 集雜志 Zine
Images by PMQ
Translation by Wendy Yiu

A book is like a friend. We understand the world and life, or even observe ourselves through texts, and have a deep realization of oneself that we are not alone. PMQ invites different people from design and culture sectors to recommend a book, so that you can enrich yourselves as book therapy.

Why would you recommend this book?

急急子: Five reasons for recommending ”Run with the Wind” 1. Because of this book, I really want to watch Tokyo-Hakone Round-Trip College Ekiden Race, which is one of the most prominent university ekiden races of the year.

2. Starting with this book by Shion Miura, I fell in love with her works. In addition to novels, there are essays and interviews. Her short and bizzare love stories are also beautiful, but ”Run with the Wind” is still the best for me.

3. The story is about ten college students participating in the Ekiden Race, after training by seniors, they all broke through themselves. The ten boys have different personalities, I can imagine myself being the toughest character. Shion Miura spent six years to complete this book. She has visited runners, track and field teams for several years to understand more about the athletes.


Author: Shion Miura

4. I do not jog at all, but I am deeply touched by the track and field teams in the book. The attitude of “keep running” does not only relate to running, but also an attitude of staying focused towards a goal. It surpasses victory and it’s like reaching the state of detachment.

5. It is easier to recommend a reference book to a friend than a novel. In fact, it takes one or two days to immerse yourselves into the novel world, and to build a world in your own mind by words alone, it feels super positive! Reading novels is also very rewarding. Let's give it a try!

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