Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba


23 March, 2019 (Saturday) – 1 May, 2019 (Wednesday)


11:00am – 7:30pm

03/23/2019 11:00 05/01/2019 19:30 Asia/Hong_Kong Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba DATE: 23 March, 2019 (Saturday) – 1 May, 2019 (Wednesday)
TIME: 11:00am – 7:30pm
S314, Staunton

S314, Staunton

Karen Aruba Art
Fee (HKD)


Life in old Kowloon City of Hong Kong and the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba could not be more different. But for the Chinese communities living here or working abroad, there are common values people take with them which allows them to adapt and thrive. Spending part of her childhood in totally different places and travelling between the two, local illustrator Karen Aruba gives a unique perspective on the lives, shared values, perseverant and hard-working attitudes among Chinese communities – an inspiration for her exhibition: Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba.

The story is an amazing journey from the historical life in Kowloon City, with a highlight on the disappearing skills of traditional mahjong craftmanship, as the illustrator’s family was an integral part of this old Hong Kong manufacturing industry. Through contrasting colors and beautiful scenery in the happy island, Aruba and interviews with Chinese people in the island, it captures distinctive local stories, while the augmented reality (AR) technology will also be utilized to showcase traditional Hong Kong mahjong craftsmanship and the crafting tools over the weekend and public holidays.

Opening Reception
Date: 23.03.2019, Saturday
Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Apart from opening reception, you can also meet the artist in below periods and get to know the intimate story behind these illustrations. Explore how traditional mahjong craftsmanship integrated with art elements.

Mar 31, Sun 2:30pm (English), 4:00pm (Cantonese)
Apr 13, Sat 2:30pm (Cantonese), 4:00pm (English)
Apr 20, Sat 2:30pm (English), 4:00pm (Cantonese)

Each small group sharing session will last for around 25-30 mins.

Know more about Wanderlust in Chinese Communities – Kowloon City x Aruba Exhibition
Website: http://www.karenaruba.com
Facebook: @KarenArubaArt
Instagram: @karen_aruba_art
Twitter: www.twitter.com/karen_aruba
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/karenaruba

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