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Uphold Cutlery – Global Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Unparalleled Sustainable Design for Pocket Cutlery


19 October 2022 (Wednesday) – 27 November 2022 (Sunday)


27 November 2022 (Sunday) 10:59pm

10/19/2022 00:00 11/27/2022 22:59 Asia/Hong_Kong Uphold Cutlery – Global Crowdfunding Campaign Launches Unparalleled Sustainable Design for Pocket Cutlery DATE: 19 October 2022 (Wednesday) – 27 November 2022 (Sunday)
TIME: Deadline: 27 November 2022 (Sunday) 10:59pm
S401, Staunton

S401, Staunton

Uphold Living
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Uphold Cutlery’s crowdfunding campaign will start on Kickstarter from 18th October. Pledge level starts at USD40 while early bird backers will enjoy 50% discount for the reward of a cutlery set.

Be Bold, Unfold & Uphold

Don’t you want to stop using disposable plastic forks and wooden chopsticks that worsen the solid waste and microplastic problems? Do you have a travel cutlery set but for some reasons you rarely bring it along?

Hong Kong start-up Uphold Living has developed a patented design product known as Uphold Cutlery, which is as light and small as a business card case, functional and made of food-grade and recyclable materials. The innovation is an indispensable everyday use item for green living enthusiasts. Uphold Cutlery’s crowdfunding campaign will launch on Kickstarter on 18th October. Join us as a backer and uphold your green lifestyle!

What makes Uphold Cutlery incomparable:

Light & Slim: A set weights 75 grams only and measures 66mm x 100 mm x 10 mm, as tiny as a business card case. It is comfortable to pocket carry.

Safe & Hygienic: The head and handle of the knife, fork and spoon are made of Aluminium Alloy and Titanium Alloy respectively. The joint is made of food-grade TPU/TPE. The product is BPA-free and can withstand temperature of up to 110 degree Celsius. TSA approval enables travellers to bring it along on flight. The cutlery is easy to clean and free from grease traps.

Durable & Recyclable: The product is designed to last at least 3,000 uses and replaceable utensil heads are available as spare parts. All materials are completely recyclable with conventional technologies. With ‘cradle-to-cradle’ principle adopted, all materials, namely the plastic and metals, used in the product can be recycled separately without waste at the end of its life cycle.

Functional & Ergonomic: Few travel cutlery products in the market manage to strike a balance between the size and functionalities. Uphold Cutlery is a breakthrough solution- utensil functions are not compromised to collapsibility when the heads with larger angles are designed specifically for portable food containers which are usually narrower and taller than regular crockery. Revolutionary travel cutlery ergonomics improve on-the-go dining experience and efficiency.

Chic & Timeless: The product is crafted to be a chic accessory to go with metropolitan lifestyles. Whether you are suited up for work, going light without a handbag, or just gearing up for an urban picnic, you will find the timeless design of Uphold Cutlery fit in with ease!


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