​Thematic Exhibition on Safer Living 2.0 Reducing Natural Disasters​


11 June 2019 (Tuesday) – 19 June 2019 (Wednesday)


11:00am – 9:30pm

06/11/2019 11:00 06/19/2019 21:30 Asia/Hong_Kong ​Thematic Exhibition on Safer Living 2.0 Reducing Natural Disasters​ DATE: 11 June 2019 (Tuesday) – 19 June 2019 (Wednesday)
TIME: 11:00am – 9:30pm
Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F

Fee (HKD)



​+852 2762 5286 / ​carielhlam@cedd.gov.hk

Given Hong Kong’s special geographical setting and dense population, Hong Kong is subjected to natural disasters despite it is well-developed.

Natural disasters could bring about disruption, economic losses, etc. Despising the destructive power of natural disasters and/or lack of emergency response knowledge might also lead to casualties.

Last year, Super Typhoon Mangkhut caused more than 60,000 trees-fall resulting in severe traffic disruption. This is only one of the many disasters that can be brought about by natural hazards.

The consequences of climate change and extreme weather are unbeatable, and probably, unpredictable, e.g. rescuers cannot timely reach disaster sites, severe landslides, flooding, water cut off, power cut off, etc. Therefore, we must learn how to protect ourselves in different scenarios to wait for rescue. We must also stop irresponsible acts like chasing winds, waves, experiencing bad weather, etc.

This “Safer Living 2.0” thematic exhibition demonstrates the above via a big board game. Visitors can learn self-help tips of different emergency situations brought about by natural disasters. There will also be STEM workshops and Virtual Reality (VR) experience for visitors to spend a fruitful time in the exhibition.

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