Round Eat-xperience


7 April 2018 (Saturday)


2:00pm – 4:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong Round Eat-xperience DATE: 7 April 2018 (Saturday)
TIME: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
H504, Hollywood – Taste Library

H504, Hollywood – Taste Library

Fee (HKD)

$50 (Members)
$150 (Non- Members)

Enquiry & Application

+852 3481 3998

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There are predefinition of circle in Euclid’s Element and Mozi.

A circle is a set of points where the fixed point distance in the same plane is equal to the fixed length. The geometric nature was extended to the notion that the ancient Greeks believed a circle is the most perfect figure, symbolising completeness, equality, sleekness, perfection, and reunion.

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In early spring of April, PMQ Taste Library and “Joy In Clay 2018” jointly presented a “round” flavor sharing session. Ceramic exhibitor Scott Ngan presented the natural flavor of food through a series of ceramic dishes decorated with dots. The rolling rice balls, combined with natural ingredients of the spring, are transformed into ever-changing shapes, bringing original and rich taste and visual experience.

Sign up now and let’s gather a-round!


This workshop will be conducted in Cantonese


*** Please be advised that photographs and video footage will be taken at the event for use the images in print, digital or web-based formats for promotional and archival purposes. By entering this event, you consent to PMQ Taste Library photographing and using your image and likeness. If you do not wish to have us using your image, please notify our staff.

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