Korean Paintings and Calligraphic Works


8 July 2020 (Wednesday) – 8 August 2020 (Saturday)


10:00am – 6:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday)

07/08/2020 10:00 08/08/2020 18:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Korean Paintings and Calligraphic Works DATE: 8 July 2020 (Wednesday) – 8 August 2020 (Saturday)
TIME: 10:00am – 6:00pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
H6-7/F, Hollywood

H6-7/F, Hollywood

Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, The Contemporary Art Research Institute of Kyung Hee University
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kcc.hongkong@gmail.com / +852 2270 3500

Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong presents ‘筆墨之間- Korean Paintings and Calligraphic Works’ group exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed at the Korean Cultural Center(PMQ) from July 8th to August 8th. The exhibition presents 30 outstanding art pieces that shows the aesthetic of Hangeul, Korean letter Calligraphy and Korean painting.

One of the prominent differences between Western and Asian art is that the concept of ‘painting’ in Asia includes not only paintings(畵) but also letters(書). In this exhibition audiences can appreciate both traditional Asian calligraphy and Asian paintings combined with contemporary calligraphy. The common feature of these 30 paintings by 30 renowned Korean ink painting artists is they all carry the aesthetic of Hangeul.

More than half of the participating artists are the professors of the Department of Fine Arts at the universities in Korea. All artists produced the new art pieces for the exhibition. Hence timeliness of some works is worthy of attention. The work ‘Coronavirus Curtain – The Way of Mortals’ by PARK Jong-gab depicts the current situation mankind faced Coronavirus. The artist implied the limitation human encountered after COVID 19, and also the hope doing their best to breakthrough the situation. In some of the works Korean famous poems are written just as the traditional Korean ink paintings. Although most of Hong Kong audiences cannot read the contents, they can still appreciate the aesthetic excellence of Hangeul with formative character.

KCC holds various events that promote Hangeul, including a Korean Speech Contest, K-pop Handwriting Challenge and so on. Among them Hangeul Calligraphy Exhibition is a representative content KCC devotes to every year. During the exhibition, KCC will introduce each of the 30 art pieces through social media channels and e-newsletter, featuring individual works.

At the same time, Korean Cultural Center also presents Media Art Project 2020 exhibition, introducing the promising Korean media artists Ham Hyekyung’s 6 video works.

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