Imagery of Blueprint Grassland, Mountain and City


25 May 2019 (Saturday) – 23 June 2019 (Sunday)


11:00am – 8:00pm

05/25/2019 11:00 06/23/2019 20:00 Asia/Hong_Kong Imagery of Blueprint Grassland, Mountain and City DATE: 25 May 2019 (Saturday) – 23 June 2019 (Sunday)
TIME: 11:00am – 8:00pm
S505, Staunton

S505, Staunton

Blueprint Studio
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edward_cheung@yahoo.com/ +852 9858 8520

The concepts of BLUEPRINT artwork were about dispersion and combination, individuals and groups and also the city and the nature. The process of creation was from different small individual to become one artwork “The creation of one artwork for a lifetime” is to find a way of connection, and different world become ONE. This is the process of idealizing the world and building up a utopia – a picture of oneself and the world,


“The Tower of Babel” – the first imagination of Blueprint – represents a concentration of energy. This is the set up of a utopia under rationalism. It builds a tower to get on for the subject. Differentiation, positioning, storage and use are the main texture of the urban structure; they are also the structure of “the Tower of Babel”.


Another imagination of BLUEPRINT is the “the Grassland” which is a natural space that embraces “the Tower of Babel”. This is another imagination of unity: the nature embraces all creation and is also the origin of all creation.


Opposite to the Tower of Babel, “a Mountain” is another end of the Grassland. If the Tower of Babel is the accumulation of structure, it can be deconstructed and extended on the Grassland. Going up a mountain is the process of elimination and simplification. It can be said

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