“Gallery tete” Pop- up Store


6 January 2023 (Friday) – 22 January 2023 (Sunday)


1:00pm – 7:00pm

01/06/2023 13:00 01/22/2023 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong “Gallery tete” Pop- up Store DATE: 6 January 2023 (Friday) – 22 January 2023 (Sunday)
TIME: 1:00pm – 7:00pm
S102, Staunton

S102, Staunton


As changes with time, things are continued to be created every day. The number of new creations is incredibly large and hard to estimate if tiny things are included. We have invited 8 Japanese artists to collaborate with us this time, who are not only creating on their own styles, but also continuing to create things for daily use with this concept in mind.

Participant Artists

Atsushi Shimomura | 下村淳 @atsushi_shimomura

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1985
His studio is renovated from an old car park in Fujino, Kanagawa, which still looks like a monument and is co-owned by several artists. His work is mainly made in Kohiki and black glaze and you could feel the softness and power of the clay. His work is meticulously handcrafted with thoughtful design, highlighting his personality.

Naozumi Tanaka | 田中直純 @zumii85

Born in Saitama, Japan, 1985
The kiln is located in a beautiful old Japanese house overlooking the peaceful mountains of Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. The techniques used are Tatara-zukuri and Tama-zukuri in which clay slab is pressed against a plaster mold. The work has antique-like feel with the use of aged white, the penetrating, and metallic-like texture, and is unadorned and modern, while still leaving traces of human touch and the simplicity of the design for daily life.

Ryutaro Yamada | 山田隆太郎 @ryutaro4126

Born in Saitama, Japan, 1984
Mr Yamada’s workshop is located in the mountains of Fujino, Kanagawa Prefecture. He makes use of wood kiln firing, oil kiln firing, and gas kiln firing to produce his pottery from raw clay collected nearby. His pottery is full of roughness from raw clay with balance in the harmony of wholeness; he continues to create with a calm and generous passion.

Atsunobu Koizumi | 小泉敦信 @koizumi_at

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1986
Mr. Koizumi’s studio is located in Fujimino, Kanagawa, using a wood-fired kiln and an oil-fired kiln to fire the porcelain to a very high temperature and a very intense flame. His work is mainly white porcelain and underglaze celadon inspired by the elegance of contemporary Chinese and Korean white porcelain of Lee dynasty. Mr Koizumi is actively experimenting with new things such as delicate inlay ceramic work. He creates handcrafted pieces focusing on daily life.

Yosuke Asai | 淺井庸佑 @asaiyosuke

Born in Kyoto, Japan, 1981
Mr. Asai collects soil and stones to make raw ceramic clay and glazes, and creates his work with a deep respect for nature at the foot of Mount Hiei, on the western shore of Lake Biwa in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture. His father loves antique ceramics, and he grew up surrounded by antiques. His ceramic work presents how he thinks thoroughly for our daily lives.

Hitoshi Fujisaki | 藤崎均 @hitoshi_fujisaki

Born in 1972
After moving to Italy in 2001 and setting up his workshop in Milan, he moved back to Japan in 2007 and continues to work at the foot of Mount Jinba in Kanagawa Prefecture. He also works on prototypes for designers such as Enzo Mari. Using a variety of woods, not only from Japan, brings out the beautiful grain of the wood. The details of the edges of his work show his meticulous.

Yamato Kobayashi | 小林耶摩人 @yamato_kobayashi

Born in Kasama, Ibaraki, 1983
Mr. Kobayashi creates his artwork in Kasama, Ibaraki, where he was born and raised. He is very into antique ceramics such as traditional ash glaze and kohiki, and expresses this elegance and feeling by iron-rich clay from Kasama clay. He retains that feeling while designing the forms for the lifestyle nowadays.

Arata and Atsuko Anzai | 安齋新・厚子 @anzaiarata

Arata Anzai, born in Tokyo, 1971
Atsuko Anzai, born in Kyoto, 1974
Mr. and Mrs. Anzai have opened a studio near their home in a natural beauty and wealth of emotions in the northwest of Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. They create artwork together by using a pottery wheel and moulds. Their works are influenced by Japanese culture, ancient and modern folk art, design and culture, and designed for eating habits nowadays.

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