“FUTURE PAST TENSE” Dixon Ngai’s hand-painted porcelain experiments


From 24 March 2016 (Thursday)


12:30pm – 7:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong “FUTURE PAST TENSE” Dixon Ngai’s hand-painted porcelain experiments DATE: From 24 March 2016 (Thursday)
TIME: 12:30pm – 7:00pm
S307, Staunton

S307, Staunton

Fee (HKD)

Free of charge


+852 2975 4410 / discover@craftbysoil.com

Lam Duen Shan Ming

Studying the Environment and Interior Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shan Ming is deeply passionate about “Rose Medallion” and classical Chinese architecture. He often questions the interpretation of use of space from a modern urbanites’ perspective.

The current exhibition is a showcase of artworks transcending time and space. Shan Ming is formulating the language of his creation through architectural layouts taken from the Song Dynasty, and expressing his rendition in use of space with the Rose Medallion techniques. He projects the oddities of the urban environment through abstract illustrations, altering an urbanite’s impression of space and time. This exhibition is a continuation of Lam Duan Shan Ming’s geometric landscape art collection.

For city dwellers we seem to have little connections in our daily lives with rolling hills and natural streams, and when we think of art that encapsulates the nature we are often reminded of the monotonic “landscape painting”. The scenery of densely populated geometric landscape is no stranger to city dwellers. We become familiarised with the urban geometric structures and subconsciously we have developed a sense of appreciation and affection for the urban geometrics. In the realm of modern landscape, majestic mountains that pierce through the clouds have been replaced with geometrically shaped buildings and skyscrapers.

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