#CROSS Exhibition


1 December 2021 (Wednesday) – 1 January 2022 (Saturday)


1:00pm – 7:00pm

12/01/2021 13:00 01/01/2022 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong #CROSS Exhibition DATE: 1 December 2021 (Wednesday) – 1 January 2022 (Saturday)
TIME: 1:00pm – 7:00pm
S311, Staunton

S311, Staunton

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#CROSS — An exhibition of cross-sensory experiences that links between man and nature

The relationship between humans and nature seems reciprocal. Every day we enjoy the air, water, soil, and natural materials given by nature, but we are also polluting her step by step. The creative director of MODEMENT and curator of this exhibition, Aries Sin, senior art teacher and visual artist Mr. Man-Ling Cheung, and DBA Audio founder Tony Tam’s creations all hope to use nature, use it, and cooperate with each other by coincidence. “CROSS” is the theme, through art and craftsmanship to bring out the inseparable bond between man and nature. They aim to create a cross-border experience exhibition with different senses such as touch, vision, sound, and smell, hoping that everyone can slow down in their busy lives and feel the overlapping time of man and nature in different ways when entering the exhibition space.

Aries Sin has always taken sustainable design as the brand axis, giving new life to surplus fabrics by re-weaving old fabrics, aiming to reduce fashion pollution for a more sustainable direction. In addition to presenting the brand’s seasonal design this time, there will also be a large-scale woven work “WAVE” inspired by marine pollution and leftover fabric strips as materials, try to arouse everyone’s reflection on fashion and environmental pollution. During the exhibition, she will also hold a weaving workshop, leading the participants to weave their own mini tapestry or pattern artworks with leftover materials.

Mr. Man-Ling Cheung’s works convey eternal elements and evoke people’s thinking about the origin of life, human existence and sexual relations. The eight works exhibited this time were created in the form of Burning Ink. He first created the feeling of burning and turning into ashes with ink, reclaimed rice paper discarded by different ink painters, and re-composed a sense of history of discarded fragments. Then he painted with ink, tea and other natural pigments to explore beliefs, The relationship between superstition, survival and nature.

Tony Tam designed and established the DBA Audio series of products based on his pursuit of sound quality. Its speaker products are known for their minimalist design and exquisite craftsmanship and have won multiple design awards. The “Nishimura Shoten” series is a collaboration with the Nishimura Store in Kyoto. It integrates the Japanese national treasure-class traditional handicraft “Infoil” into its audio system. It uses heat and chemical effects to put gold, silver, and platinum on its aluminium discs. Form a delicate pattern. For the theme of this exhibition, Tony went into nature and personally received the sound, sharing the natural feeling he felt with the public. He also hoped that the visitors could relieve the irritable emotions through the sound, whether it is visual, tactile, or auditory, it makes people feel beautiful. He Ming.

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