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AWA AI FAIR – Japanese Natural Indigo Dye


Now – 17 February 2021 (Wednesday)


11:30am – 6:30pm

01/01/2021 11:30 02/17/2021 18:30 Asia/Hong_Kong AWA AI FAIR – Japanese Natural Indigo Dye DATE: Now – 17 February 2021 (Wednesday)
TIME: 11:30am – 6:30pm
H401, Hollywood

H401, Hollywood

Tokushima Prefecture
Fee (HKD)


Enquiry +852 9155 9374

Awa Natural Indigo Dye

Awa Natural Indigo has deepest blue color and that color can be made only in Tokushima.

The big Yoshino River, across Tokushima, enable to make good quality and quantity of Indigo plant.

Edo and Meiji Period (1603-1912), Tokushima (they called Awa that time) was thriving by indigo trade. In this period, workers all over the japan wore Deepest Blue Kimono Uniform which was dyed by Awa Natural Indigo. Foreigners saw Japanese working uniform and called them ‘JAPAN BLUE’.

This Awa Natural Indigo is still alive in Tokushima (德島) but it is facing difficult situation for past 100 years. First crisis came when cheap Indian indigo was imported to Japan and the produce of Awa Natural Indigo got reduced. Second was during WW2, Japan forbid planting Indigo. But people in Tokushima kept making Awa Natural Indigo, tried not to extinct their tradition.

Because of people’s effort we still enjoy this special Awa Natural Indigo.

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