Amber: Raw to Refined – A Curated Talk by Mariusz Gliwinski, Founder of Ambermoda


28 November 2018 (Wednesday)


6:30pm – 8:00pm

11/28/2018 11/28/2018 Asia/Hong_Kong Amber: Raw to Refined – A Curated Talk by Mariusz Gliwinski, Founder of Ambermoda DATE: 28 November 2018 (Wednesday)
TIME: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
H410, Hollywood

H410, Hollywood

Fee (HKD)



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In this seminar participants will learn all about Amber and see a live demonstration of how to polish raw amber to become a golden hue gemstone. Amber is an organic gem- soft, tactile, warm to the touch. It is pulled from the earth or gathered from sea-shores following a Baltic storm. Unpolished amber resembles raw brown sugar- it’s dull, crusty skin protects the secret treasure hidden within. The color of amber is the honey glow of a setting sun, the vibrant yellow of an egg yolk, rich and warm like cognac. Amber is famous for the secrets it holds trapped inside– an ant, a piece of leaf, or even a spider. In the hands of the artisan, the allure of amber is revealed. Cut and polished, the crust removed and the inner amber is exposed. Until that moment it was something unknown and mysterious.

This seminar is part of “”Loupe Talk Series”", a special line-up of guest speakers in the jewellery and design industry who will share their experience with the public.

* A complimentary $100 Loupe Teahouse cash voucher will be offered per pax for enrolment in this workshop.

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