A Day with Fé: Yoga with the Wheel


13 November 2016 (Sunday)


9:00am – 10:30pm

Asia/Hong_Kong A Day with Fé: Yoga with the Wheel DATE: 13 November 2016 (Sunday)
TIME: 9:00am – 10:30pm
Marketplace & Courtyard, G/F

Marketplace & Courtyard, G/F

Fee (HKD)

$250 per person

Enquiry & Application

+852 2546 9300 /

A day with Fé
A Day with Fé is about elegance, performance and mindfulness. The clothing line is designed for women who seek to engage in activities with style and poise. Whether it is a powerful yoga class or a Sunday brunch, each garment holds a mantra destined to inspire and empower the wearer allowing her to feel beautiful from the inside out. For example, one of these mantras is “What I focus on, I become”.

About Rachel Solomons
Rachel is originally from Australia, and now living in Hong Kong with her husband and her 3 beautiful children. She is a certified yoga teacher and also a certified Dharma Yoga Wheel instructor. Rachel teaches Silent Yoga Disco, Beach events and yoga wheel workshops all over Hong Kong with the Yoga Room. She also has her own business Sassy Booda Yoga.

About the yoga wheels
The yoga wheel is designed to release tension and bring more openings to the shoulders, spine and chest while relieving muscular tightness. It increases flexibility in the spine, shoulders, quads and hips as well as improving balance. Each of these yoga wheels are handmade in Australia.

Know more about A Day with Fé
Facebook: adaywithfe
Facebook: A Day with Fé & Rachel Solomons

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