18 Districts : An Architectural Trilogy – Episode I : Story Telling Pop Up Store


From Now – 6 June 2017 (Tuesday)


10:00am – 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong 18 Districts : An Architectural Trilogy – Episode I : Story Telling Pop Up Store DATE: From Now – 6 June 2017 (Tuesday)
TIME: 10:00am – 8:00pm
S507, Staunton

S507, Staunton

AaaM Architects
Fee (HKD)


Back in the summer time of 2016, a few architects were discussing about another architectural exhibition after their rst curated show “Ding Talk”. By the time, the media reported news about some malfunctioned communal facilities. This inspire us to rethink about the identity of architect, apart from being professional, we all live in our own community ( ie 18 districts). After discussing for more than half year, we cast a boarder vision, by curating the exhibition into a format of trilogy. With participation of 18 district architects and public engagement, we join ourselves together, to construct a style for future Hong Kong architecture.

“ What took place in these city corners, grand or trivial, will anyhow settle as the memories of many, carrying with them the marks of time and sense of place… ”

The bits and pieces of our daily lives make up the founding grain of our culture, cluster into becoming our life style, our memory and our identity. They are also the projection of the city’s trajectory. ‘Episode I – Fiction Telling’ wishes to venture with you, in search of the little stories that are taking place in the 18 districts of Hong Kong, be it romantic, mysterious, exotic, mundane, ctitious… and let them linger for a while amidst our current moments of stagnancy and derailment, and perhaps take us for a glide of the many hidden city scenes that are both personal and yet common to all.

Architecture shapes our environment, contains our culture, defines our spatial experience, satisfies our daily needs, makes our city functional.

Architecture is an network of ideas encapsulating urban conditions, public interests, political agenda, snapshots of technologies and philosophies.

Architecture embodies both art and science. It is a theatre of reality as well as a silent literature. It is a medium which all walks of life can engage and interact.

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