“Cuddle Bubble” Summer Installation & Fair


Installation: 19 July 2018 (Thursday) – 13 August 2018 (Monday)
Fair: 28 – 29 July 2018 & 4 – 5 August 2018


Installation: 12:00nn – 8:00pm
Fair: 12:00nn – 6:00pm


Courtyard & Marketplace, G/f

Summer is not only a scorching season, it’s a kaleidoscope – heats quivers up from the ground and carries your dream floating and shimmering in the sky, like a soap bubble.

Here is a place where you daydream, and dreams get far away from hustle and bustle routine. PMQ and AaaM Architects (Architecture as a Medium) join hands this summer. Inspired by the toy – spinning bubble, we turn the courtyard into a bubble paradise, where colourful bubbles fill the place and spread happiness to everyone.

This is a journey for all of you. Join us and cuddle bubbles day and night. You will soak in a bubble world of imagination and happiness.

Cuddle Bubble Fair|28-29.7.2018, 4-5.8.2018
PMQ has invited Little Green Feet to set up a funny fair together! A number of creative units will gather to arrange an array of workshops and music & reading clubs. In order to go in line with the ambiance of the “Cuddle Bubble” interactive installations, the workshops will be run under the themes of “Wind”, “Light” and “Spin”:

Workshops Organizer Date & Time
Wind Visual Arts Story-Telling Club | Looking for the Colour of the Wind
This workshop invites everyone to bring recycled materials to attend, to help our “little giants” to find the colour of the wind,
and creatively present the wind.
Little Green Feet 28 – 29/7/2018|12:00-14:00
Light Lightly Floating Body | Get Your Hands and Feet Moving
Let’s use our bodies to feel weightlessness by moving and stretching together!
MOVING PLAYGROUND 28 – 29/7/2018|15:00-17:00, 4 – 5/8/2018|12:00-14:00
Workshop “I’m an artist” | Lightweight Paper Art Installation
Everyone is a contemporary artist! We’ll all find common supplies and materials from home and work together to create a lightweight paper craft installation.
The Little Blue art 28/7/2018 & 5/8/2018|15:00-17:00, 29/7/2018 & 4/8/2018|12:00-14:00
Workshop “Building a Toy for Yourself” | My Balloon Car
Buying a toy for your child is simple and easy. Make a toy with your child manually and sweat together! The fun-filled moments aren’t something that money can buy.
Hapi School, PMQ and mudwork have devised a parent-child carpenter class for all. Parents are welcome to partake with their children and create their own balloon-driven wooden car!
Learn together and make happy parent-child memories together.
mudwork 29/7/2018|15:00-17:00, 5/8/2018|12:00-14:00
Spin Juggling Playground | Spinning Discs
We’ll take everyone to experience a juggling lesson to learn how to use your hands to spin discs, and improve your hand-eye coordination and concentration while having loads of fun.
~Limited seats available for walkin by the day.~
Sang Shing Education 4 – 5/8/2018|15:00-17:00
Workshop “Toy-Making DIY” | My Wooden Spinning Top
When it comes to your parents’ childhood toys, wooden spinning top must be item on the list! Hapi School, PMQ and mudwork have devised a parent-child carpenter class for all.
Parents are welcome to partake with their children and create their own wooden spinning top!
Share your parents’ childhood and make happy parent-child memories together.
mudwork 28/7/2018|12:00-14:00、 4/8/2018|15:00-17:00
Music & Reading Club Picture Book Date & Time
“Chissadove” Reading Club with Handpan Music
To the accompaniment of handpan music, read the story of a small fruit looking for courage, and set out on a relaxing and fun parent-child journey of story and music!
28 – 29/7/2018|14:00-15:00, 17:00-18:00
“Where is Siu Ding, the Tram?” Reading Club with Bassoon Music
Bassoon tells the story of Siu Ding the Tram, and invites friends of all ages to accompany Siu Ding to embark on a wonderful journey of story and music to find its self-worth!
“Where is Siu Ding, the Tram?”
4 – 5/8/2018|14:00-15:00, 16:00-17:00

There is also a “free play area” assembled by log blocks, allowing friends of all ages to participate on the spot, to create and play freely with the company of numerous “bubbles”. The “Mi Mi Academy”, formed by a team of volunteer mums, will adorn children with body paintings and also teach parents the basic skills of body painting. Limited seats available for walkin by the day.