Glocal Mahjong by the HK room
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 4F / S405
Chan Lai Kiu
1:00pm - 7:00pm
+852 2546 3178 call
$10- $2,000

“Mahjong connects and inspires” Distanced by technology, Mahjong is a traditional game that is still attractive to people of all ages, reuniting people around the table. It carries cultures and spreads beyond nationalities. The Brand draws on Mahjong’s inherent language and rich heritage as a medium for creativity. It elevates local design cultures and promotes Mahjong to a global audience.

Glocal Mahjong is a brand built by the HK room, a design initiative that mileages on Hong Kong’s unique hybrid culture and history. It designs and curates products and events, bringing Hong Kong and Chinese culture to a global audience. It draws inspiration from local wisdom and heritage, in an attempt to enrich people’s life and promote a healthy lifestyle. Apart from Glocal Mahjong, the HK room has also created the thematic Cheongsam brand 18 and 22 in Central Market.

Featured Highlights
Thematic and customisable mahjong sets
Experiential activities
Lifestyle and games
Fashion and accessories
Creative designs
And more...


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