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Eric Tong
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“Living with Poetry.”

Eravolution is a multidisciplinary design studio for Architecture, Furniture, and Homeware. We challenge the preconceived disparity between design and art in pursuit of a new concept of beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Our goal is to distinguish our works from the mainstream by infusing poetry into everyday living.

The studio was founded 2010 in London and now based in Hong Kong. Our works are positioned as Hong Kong designs influenced by a synthesis of British and Chinese cultures.

Our business includes own brand collections and design services for furniture, product, architecture, and interior.

Eric Tong Director | Principal Designer

Eric Tong graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and worked for renowned architects Zaha Hadid and Future Systems before starting up his studio Eravolution. During his professional career he worked hands-on in bespoke furniture and products and developed passion in the field. Central to his practice is a simultaneous engagement in research and teaching.

Featured Highlights
Uphold Cup

UpHold symbolises the magic of it upholding its own dynamics to carry a beverage and at the same time the coffee and tea produced by social enterprises worldwide that it so proudly upholds. The design redefines what a portable beverage container can be and is not only ethical but sustainable.

Zystem Kershner Shelving

The Zystem Kershner shelving breaks away from the constraint of the grid while maintaining the efficiency and flexibility of conventional storages. The system is modular, and may suit different spaces by customising the number and arrangement of module units.

Ztealth Chair

The Ztealth Chair is a new breed of compact furniture designed for the demand of ultimate spatial efficiency. The chair is carried and stored in a diminished volume with little compromise on comfort, tactility, and aesthetics. The work is a synthesis of Chinese paper-art ‘Zhe-Zhi’ and British design and engineering.

Light Pole

The Light Pole captures the essence of upcycling by creating a lighting device with limiting resources. The design harnesses bamboo stems that are typically straight and cylindrical between nodes, and trimming them at oblique angles reveal the delicate and tenuous internal grains that act as diffusers to produce soothing light.

Skeleton In The Closet

Skeleton In The Closet is an installation designed for a properties-swapping environmentalist group. Named in the English idiom meaning ‘hidden secret’, it plays a pun with its skeletal form versus the idea of strangers revealing private belongings. The design comprises hangers morphing in shape to perform different garment hanging functions.

Zpine Collection

The Zpine Collection is our debut award winning range. Its unique aesthetic comes from nature’s geometries and tectonics modelled into objects of everyday living. Each piece uses less material and packs into a lesser volume than an equivalent conventional design. It is a piece of design-art with unequivocal environmental credential.


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