Alternative Country
Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 3F / S311
Simon Suen
12:00nn - 7:00pm Daily

Our idea and concept was first inspired from our passion we have for the early 19th century American lifestyle.

From the shape to the function and durability of the typical American work boots, we aspire to produce boots such as those.

Unfortunately, there were no people from Asia who produced these fascinating boots due to the difficulty because of the machinery, skill and the lack of materials.

Therefore, the brand ‘Alternative Country’ began to develop at 2009. From then, we have spent 4 years on research in order to make our boots as high quality and well-made as we want it to be.

Our work boots, made by the premium leather, will age in color and mold to your comfort over the time spend with you. This work boots must be paired with tough and sturdy shoelaces from USA. And of course, the Vibram soles are the best for these shoes.

Instead of using the normal adhesive construction, we have chosen to produce these using the Goodyear welted process with great craftsmanship in our factory.
Unlike other work boots, the way we paint ours is all done by hand, which is the classic style used to make natural gradients.

Under our strict management and testing, every pair of Alternative Country brand work boots are made sure to be fully durable and definitely in the very best quality possible.

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