Building / Floor / Unit No.
Staunton / 5F / S501

Architecture shapes our environment, contains our culture, defines our spatial experience, satisfies our daily needs, makes our city functional.

Architecture is an network of ideas encapsulating urban conditions, public interests, political agenda, snapshots of technologies and philosophies.

Architecture embodies both art and science. It is a theatre of reality as well as a silent literature. It is a medium which all walks of life can engage and interact.

AaaM is an studio that takes on master planning, architecture and interior design projects. It adopts a Design-by-Research and Research-by-Design methodology. It also engages with the public as curator and columnist on both online and paper media platforms.

This studio space in PMQ is also an open platform for exhibitions, interactions and discussions on design and architecture. AaaM and its collaborators conduct regular exhibitions and workshops to engage the public beyond the project domains.


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