PMQ Corner #27

A-Round Time to Connect

Photo Now

Written by Lai Yat Nam
Photo credit by Photo Now
Translated by Derek Leung

While the conventional custom of moon appreciation and mooncake tasting during the Mid Autumn Festival evolve with new ideas along with time, there has seen no absolute change in the practice of family reunions specifically in the round full moon evening, which suffices to value the unmatched significance of roundness and, by extension among Chinese, fullness.

In view of this traditional way of connection, I have been trying my very best to look for the round patterns widespread in the city, and their implication and interpretation which we can appreciate besides the moonlight.

Thousands of homes cramped in cascades of highrises seem destined to be the prey of narrowness and loneliness, whereas street-like hallways matched against a thread of sky among the skyscrapers embrace the vanity of metropolitan crowds incessantly busy at work and commutation. The head-on full moon expectation in the annual festival might lead you to the heartfelt satisfaction astray from the suffocation of the city.

A carefree walk starting from PMQ will never be a rejection, but is it still a fine option to savour the aesthetics of the moon beam penetrating through the vintage bars of the round stone window design over there? The creamy shed of light in the bice hue accents the moon-welcoming night of a gloomy corner of the city.

Current restaurant Aberdeen Street Social is turned from former JPC Clubhouse of Central District

Air vent windows on the side walls of the front and rear staircases of PMQ are in round shape

While the citizens working hard and hurriedly on their daily routines are always believed to have forgotten the happenings around them, it is high time to feel the full blessing expressed in the round patterns observed in PMQ.

The bonding of my generation as a Hong Kong local to the nineties of the last century might be best presented by the song Moonlight In Town by Singaporean singer Mavis Hee. The song lyrics go like this:

"Dreams are lit by the town's moonlight,

Come protect as if it holds me tight.

Once if we can luckily meet,

Blessed are we much as the entire night."

The harmonious combination of the melody and the lyrics expresses the longing for a reunion in a round full moon night, clearly illustrating roundness is a common topic for story-telling and in depth a way of unveiling emotions by city dwellers in the Chinese world.

(1,4) Yin Yang Dining Utensils in black and white, DDP Multi-cultural complex in SEOUL Pop Up Store, S503

(2) Mini Lumio, Lumio, S607

(3)"Dreaming", "Pineapple" beers, Garden Meow, HG01-HG05

(5) Bradley Classic Steel Mesh, Eone Timepiece, H201

(6) Handmade Soap, Bathe to Basic, S403

(7,8) Mid Autumn Cookies Gift Bo, Phoenix Sweets, S103

(9) Environmentally Friendly Paint, 513 Paint Shop, S513

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