Interview #30

Book Corner: “登山臨水篇” by 李君毅

SingChan | † Rufixation

Written and Images by SingChan、李君毅
Translation by Wendy Yiu

A book is like a friend. We understand the world and life, or even observe ourselves through texts, and have a deep realization of oneself that we are not alone. PMQ invites different people from design and culture sectors to recommend a book, so that you can enrich yourselves as book therapy.

Why would you recommend this book?

SingChan: "登山臨水篇" is a local travel book written in the 1960s. I was not born in that period so I don't know much about that period of history. Even though I am not a frequent hiker, I still feel a bit strange that I could help publish the book by hiking expert Lee Chun-Yi

Hiking to me was no fun but a search for ruins. In 2018, a facebook post got me interested in this book. Reading each chapter is not like understanding today's Hong Kong, except for the place name, but it's more like reading travel notes. There are water landscapes, mountains and satellite districts in progress but there is no MTR or Hong Kong International Airport.


Author: Lee Chun-Yi

Since there were no official hiking trails such as the MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail or Phoenix Trail, Lee discovered many routes in Cheung Chau East coast, Lung Kwu Tan, Castle Peak and Ha Tsuen with village allusions, local knowledge and public transportation information. Whether you are a hiking person, or want to know more about Hong Kong in the 1960s, this is definitely a must-read book.

Recently, Hong Kongers are keen on hiking and picnics, but not everyone is conscious about environmental protection. This book shows the enthusiasm of a hiking lover in the 1960s which can be a good reference for us.

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