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“The Way We Were” The 60th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung Exhibition


8 September 2016 – 18 September 2016


11:00am – 8:00pm

Asia/Hong_Kong “The Way We Were” The 60th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung Exhibition DATE: 8 September 2016 – 18 September 2016
TIME: 11:00am – 8:00pm



United Leslie is a non profit making voluntary union initialized by a group of devoted fans of Mr. Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing with its first establishment in 2006.The primary objective of our union was to promote and elaborate the truthfulness, kindness, beautifulness and other distinctive spiritual quality of Leslie as a perfect prototype for the future heritage.

This year, on the 12th, September, 2016, Leslie will be celebrating his 60-year-old birthday (The Chinese sexagenarian cycle). It is also the 10th anniversary for establishment of the United Leslie volunteer association. We would like to take this very special opportunity to organize an exhibition together with a series of other commemorating activities to advocate a valuable opportunity for the audience to appreciate the different artistic works of Leslie throughout his career life as an extraordinarily creative super star from a panoramic aspect.

1. “The Way We Were” The 60th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung exhibition

The masterpiece of Leslie remains unforgettable in the minds of many people until nowadays. Paralleling Leslie’s enormously successful musical career as the King of Canton-Pop, he was also devoted to star in many movies during his reign. In the last chapter of the movie ‘The Days of Being Wild’, the sneering of Yuddy for a legless bird on a train in the Philippines remains a perdurable fable in the mind of many audiences. Would Leslie be the living Yuddy in reality? What could be the genuine stories behind the life of Leslie? How many people would ever heard of his last composition with a song known as ‘The Red Butterfly’? How many would ever have attended his 10th anniversary commemoration event and how many would have ever seen the butterfly, which might signify the existence of Leslie, by flying around the exhibition venue in Times Square?

“The Way We Were” The 60th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung exhibition is aimed to narrate the behind stories of Leslie. Through sharing of his behind stories, the charisma of Leslie would also be fully delineated. The impressive memories of Leslie remain immortal in the heart of many people and would be regained through story sharing during the exhibition.

Content of the Exhibition:

  • Videos to be shown: The striving history of Leslie to become a superstar, Leslie as a State-of-Art fashion icon, Birthday wishes from various artists and friends to Leslie
  • Photo exhibition: Historical photos of Leslie with his participation in multifarious events and activities along the years will be exhibited.
  • Wei Nin Zhong Qing (“for your heart only”): The items and photos from Leslie’s first cafe, Wei Nin Zhong Qing (“for your heart only”) will be exhibited.
  • Salute to Leslie :The com-memorable works for Leslie by his friends in the industry and fans and the related stories behind will be exhibited.
  • Butterfly birthday wishes: Birthday wishes from the public to Leslie made in butterfly-shaped cards.

Date & Time:

  • 8 – 11 September 2016 (11: 00am – 8: 00pm)
  • 12 September 2016 (11:00 – 6:00pm)
  • 13-18 September 2016 (11: 00am – 8: 00pm)

Location: Staunton S708-S711 (Free Admission)

2. Leslie Cheung Movie Screening
Cooperated with PMQ, the United Leslie Volunteer Association will be showing 2 movies for the public to commemorate Leslie as a superior actor.

[Screening Session]

12 September 2016 (Monday)

  • 3:00pm Last Song In Paris (Full House)
  • 8:00pm All’s Well, Ends Well (Full House)

13 September 2016 (Tuesday)

  • 3:00pm All’s Well, Ends Well (Full House)
  • 8:00pm Last Song In Paris R.S.V.P.: (Full House)

Location: Qube, 2/F
Fee: Free Admission (R.V.S.P. is required)
Method 1: https://www.pmq.org.hk/event/leslie-cheung-movie-screening
Method 2: Follow PMQ’s official wechat account: pmq-hk, and send message: Leslie Cheung Movie Screening, you will get a guideline for registration.

3. To commemorate the best of Leslie Cheung- Cultural Trail Tour
‘I am what I am and belong to the fire with different colors’, sang enthusiastically by Leslie Cheung. This year, Leslie will be celebrating a special anniversary for his 60 years old birthday. The masterpiece of Leslie remains unforgettable in the minds of many people until today. The spectacular dance by Yuddy facing the mirror in the Days of Being Wild, the passionate Ho-Po Wing in Happy Together, the irreplaceable artistic performance by the Beijing opera master Cheng DieYi in Farewell My Concubine, e.t.c, all signifies the mastery position of Leslie of being not only as a successful singer, but also as an auspicious actor at the same time.

The cultural trail tour will be organized by the ‘Walk in Hong Kong Tours’ and co-organized by the United Leslie Volunteer Association. The objectives for organizing a trail tour around the PMQ are aiming to walk through the prosperous life and to recall the sweet memories with Leslie by incorporating the content with footprint from his previous movies, songs and daily life stories as well around the Sheung Wan and Central district areas in Hong Kong.

Date: 10 September
Time: 10 : 00am (Session 1) / 2:30 pm (Session 2) (2.5hours for each session, 15 persons per trip)
Fee: HK$280.00/RMB250.00 per person
Registration: This is self-financed activity. For those who are interested to enroll for the tour, please send your name, contact phone number, chosen date and time for the trip to us via:

  • Email: unitedleslie0912@yahoo.com.hk

(Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. If applications are oversubscribed, we will stop accepting further applications without further notice.)

4. Leslie Wei Nin Zhong Qing (“for your heart only”)

The date of 912 (12th, September, 2016) this year is a very special date for Leslie. With persistent request received from the fans of Leslie, we have invited Miss Suzie Wong, the closest friend of Leslie, to design a special Leslie’s menu with the dishes he used to have during normal gatherings with friends in the past. The specially designed menu will be prepared by the Chef from the Queen’s Cafe, the business partner of Leslie who used to jointly managing the Wei Nin Zhong Qing Cafe. The fans of Leslie can take this precious opportunity to truthfully experiencing his favourable dishes and taste.

This special menu will be served during 3pm-10pm only at a limited time period starting from the 8th, September, 2016 (the Lunar birthday of Leslie).

Venue: Queen’s Cafe Wanchai, 1/F., 1-11 Mallory Street, Wan Chai (Exit A3, Wan Chai MTR Station)
Reservation no: 2116 1910
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday: 12:00-11:00 p.m.


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