《The Songs of Nature》Amrita Tandon Solo Art Exhibition


3 February 2023 (Friday) – 22 February 2023 (Wednesday)


12:00nn – 7:00pm

02/03/2023 12:00 02/22/2023 19:00 Asia/Hong_Kong 《The Songs of Nature》Amrita Tandon Solo Art Exhibition DATE: 3 February 2023 (Friday) – 22 February 2023 (Wednesday)
TIME: 12:00nn – 7:00pm
S407, Staunton

S407, Staunton

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+852 5600 4937

The inspiration and cornerstone guiding her artistic practice is the subtle expressive beauty of nature. The subjective and interpretive character of the paintings are fundamental to her art. These two series are built upon observations, experiences, emotions and sensory recollections, emerging from a heartfelt attachment and love for the natural world. They celebrate the beauty of land and sea.

Her work is often metaphorical, rather than specifically representational. She wishes it to be reinterpreted through the unique stories of the viewers. These paintings are created by delving into remembrances, events and places which mark her continuing journey, each inspired by childhood memories, recalled feelings or momentary stops in her nomadic life. She portrays idealistic vistas that invite awe and wonder, imagined scapes of ethereal places, a world of youth and innocence, seashells and sand, magic and stardust—a place to lose oneself and dream of what may come.

She relinquishes any attachment to a premeditated result and allows the paint to flow spontaneously across the canvas. Her process is an exploration of skill and chance, conveying freedom and unpredictability.

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